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As tourism is becoming increasingly diversified and complex, the college aims to educate students to study tourism comprehensively, focusing on the three main areas of tourism studies?namely, tourism as a business, tourism in local communities, and tourism as a cultural phenomenon, so that they can understand the whole picture.

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The department not only focuses on the practical aspects of the tourism industry but also emphasizes the basic competency needed to conceptualize management and development of the tourism business. Students will explore tourism from two perspectives: tourism business administration and revitalization of local communities. Building on the legacy of Rikkyo University’s tourism education, which was launched in 1946, the college utilizes its extensive network to offer a variety of internship opportunities.

Department of Culture and Tourism Studies

Students learn about tourism not only as an industry but also from three perspectives: cultural exchange aspects of tourism; cultural impacts of tourism on local communities; and joy of living that is created based on tourism experiences. The department offers many experiential classes on such topics as rural tourism and overseas fieldwork and offers a full range of classes and programs that enable students to develop their international sensibilities.

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