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College of Economics

Today’s society is evolving at unprecedented speed. This college helps students not only acquire economic knowledge but also develop the skills that are needed in society today, such as the ability to put their knowledge to use in real-world applications.

Department of Economics

After studying the basic framework of economics, students are divided into three courses: economic analysis, economic society, and international economics. In these courses, students continue their studies and develop the ability to decode contemporary economic realities, including economic trends, employment instability, and low fertility and the aging society.

Department of Economic Policy Studies

After studying introductory economics and economic policy, students analyze policies in three areas: public services and daily life, competition and regulation, and globalization and local communities. They enhance their specialized knowledge in these areas and acquire the ability to propose and implement active economic policies from a global perspective.

Department of Accounting and Finance

By systematically studying the basic theories of economics, accounting, and finance, students develop the ability to discern and notice changing trends of real economy and to identify the direction of major trends. Students will acquire adaptable and practical skills that are supported by the theoretical knowledge they gain in the fields of accounting and finance.

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