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College of Community and Human Services

A community is a social organization created by people who actively participate and interact with one another. From such a perspective of community formation, students explore the new study of human services, which integrates various disciplines related to human welfare.

Department of Community Development

Students explore the basic organizations needed to build a welfare society where both social development and public good can co-exist, as well as how communities are formed and in what ways members can work together. The curriculum will focus particularly on the problem of social exclusion, which is being exacerbated by the issues of a declining birthrate, low fertility, and aging trends, as well as by globalization, students examine effective methods of addressing such issues from the fundamental perspective of the sanctity of life. In addition, students may obtain certification as social researchers.

Department of Social Work

Students learn not only the knowledge and skills related to welfare practices but also the relevant systems and regulations. By studying relevant specialized disciplines such as sociology and psychology, students explore social welfare in a broader sense. Students can qualify for the social worker and psychiatric social worker examinations by earning credits for the designated subjects.

Department of Sport and Wellness

Wellness is a view of health that extends beyond the mere concept of physical and mental health and incorporates the consideration of life values and purpose of life. By focusing on two fields?exercise for health and sports performance?the department enables students to comprehensively study about how exercise and sports can contribute to improve public wellness.

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