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College of Sociology

The college takes a comprehensive look at today’s increasingly complex problems related to humanity, society, communication, the media, culture, and the environment, all from the perspective of sociology.

Department of Sociology

The department aims to educate students to develop sociological thinking to be attuned to social changes and, as a member of contemporary society, raise their own questions and find answers about various social issues, including changes in family structure, gender relations, the meaning of work, and the question of why I am who I am.

Department of Contemporary Culture and Society

To gain a deeper understanding of the culture of contemporary society from the perspective of sociology and to conceptualize a society where diverse cultures can coexist, students study contemporary society and culture by looking at four areas: values and lifestyles, environment and ecology, globalization and ethnicity, and cities and communities.

Department of Communication and Media Studies

Amid the rapid development of mass media, students will acquire the ability to analyze social problems and disseminate information by effectively interacting with the media of the future. By incorporating practicums on surveys and interviews into the curriculum, the department teaches students hands-on capabilities, particularly the expressive writing skills that are most needed by media companies.

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