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Rikkyo-Yonsei-Keio-Fudan Leadership Forum 2007

Marking the sixth forum, this year’s event addressed the theme of “Northeast Asian Leadership for Global Sustainable Development.” It was held August 20-25 at Rikkyo University’s Niiza Campus. The completion of Tachikawa Memorial Hall, a student lodging and conference facility, coincided with the hosting of the forum, which served as an opening event for the hall. This newly built, elegant, and functional lodging facility further enlivened the forum.
In previous years, excursions had been arranged in the second half of the schedule. This year, as proposed by the students, the event began with three sightseeing tours around the city to Asakusa and Akihabara, Shinjuku and Shibuya, and a tour of NHK and the Asahi Shimbun. During the second half of the forum, participants worked on intensive lectures, discussions, and presentations, thus allowing for continuous discussions and exchanges of opinion. Each country’s report presentation voiced opinions regarding environmental problems that the three countries face jointly. These ideas were energetically debated. China, which is rapidly moving forward with development in preparation for next year’s Olympics, was added as a member the previous year. Because of this, the forum produced more multifaceted and diverse perspectives and the event’s scope was broadened and enhanced.
Amidst the serious discussions were introductions to each country’s respective cultures, sports, the Japanese summertime festivity of watermelon splitting, and more, which provided a refreshing, well-modulated forum. The forum was a success because of the strong support received from the student staff members.

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