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Rikkyo-Yonsei-Keio Leadership Forum 2004

In 2004, the Leadership Forum returned to Korea with the theme of "Changing Leadership in Northeast Asia." In recent years, Korea has been undergoing broad change, politically, economically, and socially. The hosting Yonsei University proposed the theme with the idea that the situation in Korea is not an isolated phenomenon, but a region-wide trend caused by the tides of globalization and the IT revolution. As existing frameworks of society are under challenge in many East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, initiatives for change are increasingly being discussed, and are actually taken by younger generations.
The conference began with a Orientation and Campus Tour by the Yonsei Students. The next morning, the program began with various introductory remarks and a welcome speech by Dr. Chang Young Jung, President of Yonsei University. Next came lectures on Politics and Economics by experts on Foreign Affairs, Military issues, and International Trade. After lunch students began workshop discussions on Politics and Economics.
The Third day included a variety of lectures and workshop activities, including role-play and debate. Lecture topics included How NGO's Enhance Mutual Understanding of History, and Bilateral Exchange of Popular Culture through the Entertainment Industry. After a workshop on NGO's and Culture and a roundtable discussion, the representative participants enjoyed a banquet hosted by the Japanese Embassy. The fourth day was highlighted by a cultural excursion to tour the Changdeok Palace and to see the award winning musical and culinary spectacle "Nanta". Participants parted with many new insights, friendships, and a determination to put on another successful interchange in 2005 at Keio University in Tokyo.

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