Research Institutes


Rikkyo University is home to research laboratories and institutes that advance highly-specialized research activities in diverse fields, carrying out research and communicating information to further creative learning for a new, international and interconnected age.

Center for Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research Institutes supports research activities carried out by the various research centers of the University, promoting joint research and projects between different areas of specialization, contributing to academic progress and creation of a new culture, and releasing the results of this research to society.

Japan Institute of Christian Education (JICE)

The Japan Institute of Christian Education (JICE) is designed to contribute to the development of Christian education through the study of theory and practice in this area. Those from outside the university join with full-time Rikkyo faculty to conduct fundamental and applied research in such fields as Christian theology, pedagogy, bioethics, and clinical psychology. Members also provide lectures and training courses as a means of contributing to society.

Institute for Latin American Studies

The Institute for Latin American Studies is designed to foster multidisciplinary research concerning Latin America. Its activities include offering extension courses, collecting books and other materials, issuing journals, holding open lectures with national and international researchers and intellectuals, and giving opportunities to students to hold a lecture in the student-seminar and write an article in the journal.

Institute of Social Welfare

Since its establishment in 1967, the Institute of Social Welfare has actively conducted research and promoted education aimed at developing a comprehensive viewpoint on social welfare. The Institute undertakes theoretical and empirical research as well as practical activities from an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted approach that incorporates fields of social welfare, sociology, psychology, jurisprudence, and economics. Furthermore, it also sponsors such events as extension lectures and seminars that consider challenges to contemporary society.

Institute of Tourism

The Institute of Tourism administers extension lectures and research in tourism-related fields. It also promotes research conducted by the faculty of the College of Tourism and helps facilitate international exchanges to further the study of tourism.

Centre for Asian Area Studies

The Centre for Asian Area Studies was established in 1998 as a regional research institute targeting Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Its origins are found in the Multidisciplinary Research Facility for Asian Area Studies which was founded in 1958. The Centre acts as a venue for research and educational exchanges between scholars at Rikkyo University and throughout Asia by promoting regional research projects, convening symposia and extension lectures, and publishing studies in Asian-related areas.

St. Paul’s Institute of English Language Education

With the goal of contributing to the development of English education in Japan by promoting ideas on creative educational modalities, the Institute of English Language Education engages primarily in the development of curriculum, teaching methodology, and educational materials useful for improving English education. Its members also conduct research on language education methodology, theories for second language acquisition, comparative linguistics and cultural studies, and cross-cultural studies. The results of these studies are publicized at extension lectures and other venues.

Rikkyo Institute of Church Music

The Rikkyo Institute of Church Music was established as part of the University's Christian educational and research activities with the goal of enhancing and developing church music in Japan. In addition to its research on and collection of materials related to church music, the Institute also provides opportunities for exchanges and training for people concerned with church music. It also sponsors music programs for the general public.

Institute for Japanese Studies

The Institute for Japanese Studies is designed to utilize Rikkyo's unique characteristics as a university to expand research in all fields relating to Japanese studies, to facilitate Japanese studies both in Japan and overseas, and to facilitate academic exchange. Its numerous activities include conducting research; promoting exchanges with researchers both in Japan and abroad; organizing and managing materials and equipment; publishing research results; convening study groups, lectures, and courses; and providing research assistance to researchers and students outside the university.

Rikkyo Wellness Institute

Rikkyo Wellness Institute plans and administers joint research, and holds seminars, symposia, extension lectures, and other events related to the improvement of "wellness", a comprehensive concept of health designed to elicit the latent abilities while promoting the health of each individual.

Rikkyo Institute for Business Law Studies

The Rikkyo Institute for Business Law Studies promotes a variety of joint educational projects and programs with a central focus on business law. These are held in the Rikkyo environment, as well as in the community. For this purpose, the Institute assembles experts from fundamental areas such as public law, civil law, criminal law, and the sociology of law. It also gathers specialists from legal fields including financial law, intellectual property law, labor law, economic law, tax law, international private law, and international economic law, as well as in the fields of economics and sociology.

Research Center for Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is education to foster the ability and perspective to actualize a secure future through sustainable development. Research Center for Education for Sustainable Development approaches ESD from the perspectives of environmental education and development education based on humanities and social studies, and aims at becoming the hub of an ESD research network in the Asia-Pacific region.

Research Centers Connected to Colleges and Graduate Schools

Research Center for Measurement in Advanced Science

The Research Center for Measurement in Advanced Science develops a state-of-the-art technology, applies it to fundamental science research, and investigates basic physics in cooperation among laboratory experiment, space observation and theory.

Research Center for Smart Molecules

The Research Center for Smart Molecules engages in research on the theoretical design of molecules with controllable properties, and the practical development of new functional molecules and molecular materials.

Research Center for Life Science

The Research Center for Life Science regards organisms as high-dimensional systems built from diverse genes and proteins, and engages in research to unravel the workings of life systems using various model organisms.

Research Center for Mathematical Physics

The Research Center for Mathematical Physics carries out fundamental research of the cutting edge of theoretical physics, such as string theory, and the issues of mathematics that are closely linked to them, in cooperation with specialists in the fields of physics and mathematics.

Rikkyo Institute for Social Design Studies

The Rikkyo Institute for Social Design Studies promotes research and education in social design studies using its network of research organizations, NPOs/NGOs, companies, government, and researchers and practitioners. We give back to civil society and local areas using our research findings.

Rikkyo Institute for Legal Practice Studies

The Rikkyo Institute for Legal Practice Studies was established in April 2006 as a research institute designed to act as a parent body offering legal clinical services to the general public. In collaboration with Rikkyo University's Law School, the institute supports joint research related to working legal practices while advancing student education. It also contributes to society by publishing results of its joint research and legal clinic services programs.

Rikkyo Economics Research Institute

The purpose of the Rikkyo Economics Research Institute is to contribute to the realization of sustainable economic growth by extensively researching various economic-related issues and disseminating the results to students and members of the local community. The Institute considers various issues in international economics and business, and sponsors activities that emphasize the study and research of business issues, particularly targeting local industry and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Institute of Community and Human Services, Rikkyo University

The Institute of Community and Human Services contributes to the formation of welfare communities through work with the various issues of contemporary society and communication of its research findings back to society.

Institute for Leadership Studies

The objective of the Institute for Leadership Studies is to research various issues in leadership, industry, society, and the economy through an interdisciplinary, social-science methodology that incorporates academic fields such as sociology, economics, management studies, psychology, and information sciences. The Institute sponsors workshop symposia pertaining to leadership in the form of an industry-academia collaborative research council, and engages in joint research projects and other such activities.

Rikkyo Research Institute for Advanced Research in the Psychology, Arts and Humanities

The Rikkyo Research Institute for Advanced Research in the Psychology, Arts and Humanities investigates interrelationship between the mind, body, and environment, with a focus on the moving image—a new element of the social environment. It aims at establishing a new interdisciplinary research field of humanities for the 21st century.

Other Research Organizations

Rikkyo Archives

The Rikkyo Archives[RA], division of Rikkyo University, is designed to research history of Rikkyo schools, to collect and to keep historical documents and materials on Rikkyo schools. In addition to publishing the “Journal of the History of Rikkyo University and Schools[Rikkyo Gakuinshi Kenkyu],” Researchers of RA also teach a courses in Rikkyo University history as part of the university-wide liberal arts subjects. RA is also currently engaged in preparations for the publication of the annals of 150 years of Rikkyo Schools history[Rikkyo Gakuin 150 Nenshi].

Rikkyo Gender Forum

Gender Forum was established to revitalize the spirit of Mitchell Hall, Rikkyo's dormitory for women that was permanently closed in 1998. Social conventions, systems, and norms that construct gender often restrict people’s way of life. Gender Forum is a home for people who attempt to discuss and consider gender issues. Our task is to encourage various individuals to participate in open debates on gender and enhance gender sensibility of the school communities.

Institute for Atomic Energy

In addition to maintaining the safe management of nuclear reactors that are no longer in operation, the Institute also furthers reactor decommissioning work in accordance with decommissioning plans.

Other Institutions

Rikkyo Exhibition Hall (The Heritage and Future of Rikkyo)

The Rikkyo Exhibition Hall was opened in 2014 to tell the world about Rikkyo's history, heritage, and its work in education and research. At the exhibition space on the second floor, which retains the appearance of the old library, visitors can learn about Rikkyo Gakuin's history with ease through exhibits of valuable historical materials, informative touch-panel displays, videos, and photographs.

Psychological Counseling Center

The Psychological Counseling Center engages with the local community to provide psychological support for various mental and behavioral problems, such as counseling and play therapy, as a support institution to promote mental well-being.

Center for Statistics and Information

The Center for Statistics and Information offers various courses and seminars on methods of social survey and statistical analysis. We aim to improve students' skill for social survey and statistical analysis and enhance the professional quality of their academic research.

Rikkyo University Alternative Dispute Resolution Center of Tourism

The Rikkyo University Alternative Dispute Resolution Center of Tourism works together with the Rikkyo Institute for Legal Practice Studies and Institute of Tourism in order to provide consultation for the general public with regard to tourism-related problems, pick up conflicts that can be addressed through mediation, and provide rational solutions through mediation processes.

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