Student Exchange Program


Here is the information for students who wish to stay at Rikkyo as an exchange student. Exchange students at Rikkyo University are reffered to as "Special International Students".

1. Student Exchange Partnerships

We only accept the students who are enrolled in our partner or institutions as an exchange student.
For our student exchange partnerships, please see below.

2. Application

Deadlines for AY 2020
Enrollment in Spring Semester (April – July)
-Online application and materials due by November 15th
Enrollment in Fall Semester (September – February)
-Online application and materials due by March 31st

For guidelines for exchange students on inter-university agreements, please see below.
For application of exchange students on an inter-college (or graduate school) agreement, please contact the college (or the graduate school).

3. Academic Program

The program for the next academic year will be released in late March.
Spring Semester
Fall Semester
Maximum Number of Registration Credits/ Hours and Workloads

Maximum Number of Registration Credits

The maximum number of registration credits is 20 per semester (10 for a quarter). To register for more than 20 credits for a semester, students need the approval of their academic advisor or supervising professor*.

*Each Special International Student will be assigned an academic advisor (for undergraduate students) or a supervising professor (for graduate students) mainly for assistance with study and research. Students meet their academic advisors or supervising professors before the classes of each semester begin for guidance and can also consult them throughout their stay at Rikkyo.

Minimum Number of Course Hours

Most classes in Rikkyo University last for 100 minutes each session. Some courses require the student to take two, three or five days a week.
Special International Students must register for at least 10 hours of classes per week each semester in order to maintain their Ryugaku (College Student) visa status. This means students must take at least 6 classes per week. Graduate students may include time spent on research in their total credit hours and therefore may not need to register for 6 weekly classes.

4. Housing

Upon request, we arrange dormitories for our exchange students.
Please note that there is a possibility that we may not be able to meet your request due to the limited number of rooms in each dorm.

5. Scholarship

For scholarships for exchange students on inter-university agreements, please see below.

6. Academic Calendar

For the academic calendar for exchange students, please see below.
The academic calendar for the next academic year will be released late-November to early-December.

7. Digital Brochure of the Program

International Office, Inbound Exchange Student Team