Dec 21, 2023

Arisa Nishi, first-year student of the College of Sport and Wellness, was selected to represent Japan at women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2024, Dubai; Japan finishes 9th



Arisa Nishi, a first-year student of Rikkyo University’s College of Sport and Wellness, was selected to play for the Japanese women’s sevens rugby team at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2024 in Dubai (HSBC SVNS 2024, Dubai) on December 2-3. The Japanese team, nicknamed the Sakura Sevens, finished ninth among 12 teams participating from around the world.

In sevens rugby, each team consists of seven players who play on a pitch of the same size as 15s rugby. There is a lot of exciting action in a 14-minute or 20-minute match.
Nishi belonged to a high school team that won the national championship, and was selected for the Sevens Youth Academy, a program sponsored by the Japan Rugby Football Union to foster talented rugby players. Since then she has had more opportunities to play with adult players or be instructed by them, eventually resulting in her being a pick for the Sakura Sevens.

On Day 1, Japan lost to Brazil and Ireland in close matches. But on Day 2, Japan defeated South Africa, 12-5, and Great Britain, 21-0, finishing ninth overall in the competition.

In this competition, all the players performed well as defenders and scored tries in attacks.

Arisa Nishi, third from left


First-year student of the College of Sport and Wellness. Member of the Rugby Team, Athletic Association
Arisa Nishi

Thank you all for supporting and rooting for me. I participated in the world series for the first time.

We played a series of tough matches on Day 1, but we pinpointed what our team needed to do on Day 2, which led to our victories. I recognized the disparities in terms of speed and physicality between us and world’s top players and that it is difficult to generate scoring momentum at the global level. So, it was a fruitful competition that enabled us to identify the challenges that face us. The world series will continue. We will be united as a team in achieving a higher ranking than that we attained in this competition.

Also, the Olympic Games will start in six months. We will train hard toward the goal of winning a medal as Sakura Sevens (women’s team name for the Olympic Games).

We all will work hard without compromising on what we care about most in the sport. I would appreciate it if you could continue to support us and root for us.

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