Apr 14, 2021

Message for students in response to Semi-Emergency Coronavirus Spread Prevention Measures



Dear Rikkyo students,

The semi-emergency coronavirus spread prevention measures have been enforced also in Tokyo. However, as we indicate below, we are taking thorough measures against the viral spread following the national and local governments’ guidelines and also working closely with the University Clinic to secure safety in the classrooms and on campus. Therefore, we have decided to conduct the classes of Colleges and Graduate Schools as originally scheduled, so that your studies may continue and not be interrupted.

Our current measures include:

  • Installing the ventilation equipment for nearly all the classrooms to ventilate the classrooms appropriately
  • Taking measures against the viral spread in the classrooms (e.g. placing sanitizers, setting up the splash prevention partitions, putting up the notices to encourage ventilation)
  • Managing the number of people for the classroom according to the style of the classes to allocate the classroom
  • Continuing to monitor the temperatures of people on the entry of campus
  • Taking measures against the viral spread to secure the special transparent masks, where mouth movement is visible) for the language classes, in which the participants will have to speak
  • Making arrangements of seating in the dining halls and library

We are taking preventive measures as much as possible to secure safety in the classrooms and campus facilities as you may see above, so you can be reassured to take classes on campus. On the other hand, it is also true that each student has to have appropriate awareness and behavior of viral prevention to secure safety in the classrooms, on campus, and during commuting. We want you to exercise the utmost caution regarding the viral prevention of COVID-19 and have a good campus life, so that you may continue your studies on campus.

Please also remember that we may have to change the style of classes at any time depending on the situation of viral spread in the future. You are encouraged to regularly check your SRIPIT mails and Rikkyo’s official website.

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