Feb 25, 2020

Associate professor impresses at international data exchange event



Specially Appointed Associate Professor Yoshiaki Fukami of Rikkyo University’s
Graduate School of Business Administration received the best presentation award at the 2nd International Workshop on Cross-disciplinary Data Exchange and Collaboration (CDED), an international academic conference held on Nov. 8 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

CDED takes place to facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders in data distribution and exchange, which is a prerequisite to designing services using internet of things technology and big data analyses.

The workshop was held as a side event at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Data Mining. The interdisciplinary gathering aimed to share results of research undertaken in a diverse range of approaches not confined to those related to engineering, such as data mining and database technologies.

Fukami’s presentation, titled “Standardization for innovation with data exchange,” was judged to be the most outstanding and received the best presentation award. Fukami focused on the standardizations of data specifications, which are essential when using data mashups that draw from various sources. Then he analyzed how changes in the operational rules of the World Wide Web Consortium governing the process to stipulate data specifications affected the establishment of data inter-availability.


Yoshiaki Fukami, Specially Appointed Associate Professor of Graduate School of Business Administration

I am very pleased that my presentation was highly evaluated at the conference of the IEEE, which is an engineering professional organization, although the workshop itself was interdisciplinary,” said Fukami. “It means that researchers and professionals who are specialized in designing cyber-physical systems utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT understand the importance of data standardization and have interests in its mechanism.

Technological standardization in data exchange is indispensable if we want to realize Society 5.0 and Data Free Flow with Trust (both initiatives for future society by the Japanese government). I would like to contribute to society by taking social scientific approaches to issues involved in technological standardization.”

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