Feb 18, 2020

Response to Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) (February 18, updated 13:15)



The Novel Coronavirus has continued to spread since December of last year, with a large number of cases now being reported even within Japan.
Rikkyo University’s response as well as links to web pages with information on the Coronavirus will be placed below. Please check these websites for up-to-date, accurate information.

Any further new information from the university will be posted on the university website, so please check at your own discretion.

◆Rikkyo University’s response (February 18, 2020)
1.Regarding travel to mainland China as well as other countries and regions
・According to the Warning on Infectious Diseases section of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Safety Information website (as of February 17), mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macau) is 【Level 2: Avoid Non-essential Travel】and all of Hubei Province and Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province have reached【Level 3: Avoid All Travel】. Under these circumstances, Rikkyo University, in principle, prohibits all students, faculty and staff from traveling to mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macau).
・Please refrain from non-essential, non-urgent travel as much as possible to countries or regions other than mainland China as well. If you begin to show symptoms, please follow 2.① below.

2.Regarding those returning from mainland China to Japan
If you are returning to Japan from mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macau) or if you have come into contact with someone residing in Hubei Province or Zhejiang Province
①If you have a fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher) and respiratory symptoms (cough, trouble breathing, etc.) [hereafter referred to as“symptoms”] within 2 weeks of either returning to Japan or making contact with someone
・Avoid contact with others, wear a face mask, promptly call the closest consultation center for returnees and those who have come in contact with carriers of the virus, and undergo a medical examination at the medical facility that is recommended to you.

②If you do not have symptoms
・Refrain from going out for anything non-essential and non-urgent for 2 weeks after returning to Japan or after making contact with someone, and closely monitor your health. If symptoms appear, follow ① above.

3.Infection Prevention
With the infection spreading even within Japan, regardless of whether you have traveled to China or not, if you think there is a possibility you have contracted the Novel Coronavirus, promptly consult a consultation center for returnees and those who have come in contact with carriers of the virus which have been setup in each prefecture.
It is also Flu season, so please take appropriate measures by avoiding crowds as much as you can, frequently washing your hands (when you get home, before you eat, etc.), and regularly wearing a face mask regardless of whether you have symptoms such as a cough, sneeze, runny nose, sore throat, or fever.

◆Useful websites

○Infection control measures regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan)

○Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

○Centers for returnees and those who have come in contact with carriers of the virus on the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

○Japan National Institute of Infectious Diseases

○Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Novel Coronavirus Infection Prevention

【Information about overseas travel】
○Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs overseas travel safety information

○Embassy of Japan in China

Rikkyo University
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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