Jul 31, 2019

Rikkyo University students hold discussions with the students and teachers from Norway’s Namdals Folkehøgskole



Rikkyo University students had a prime opportunity earlier this year to learn about Scandinavian society and culture when they organized a group-working and discussion session with the students and teachers of Namdals Folkehøgskole, a folk high school in Grong, Norway.

Norway’s folk high schools, which students generally enter after finishing high school, are often referred to as the world’s freest schools. They have no grades, no rigid curriculum and no examinations.

On January 30, 19 students and teachers from the folk high school visited Rikkyo University’s Ikebukuro campus and joined 44 Rikkyo students for the group-working and discussion session. This was the first time that students from a folk high school – a unique educational institution in Scandinavian nations – have visited Rikkyo University. The visiting students gave a brief explanation about Norway, providing the Rikkyo students a chance to ponder the social cultures of distant Scandinavia.

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