Mar 06, 2019

Kanade Shimizu of Graduate School of Science wins Poster Presentation Award at International Conference on Pharma and Food



Kanade Shimizu, a first-year student at Rikkyo University’s Graduate School of Science, won a Poster Presentation Award at the 4th International Conference on Pharma and Food (ICPF2018) held at Nippondaira Hotel in Shizuoka City on November 14-16, 2018.

Shimizu’s award-winning presentation was titled “Theoretical interaction analysis between nobiletin and muscarinic acetylcholine receptors using fragment molecular orbital (FMO) calculations.”

Research experiments have shown that nobiletin, which is found in citrus fruits and especially in the peel of shekwasha or Citrus depressa, selectively binds with the M1 subtype of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, helping improve urination and treat Alzheimer’s disease. However, why nobiletin selectively binds with M1 receptors and how the compounds help improve such medical conditions remain unclear.

In her research, Shimizu theoretically elucidated how food-derived nobiletin selectively binds with M1 receptors. The judges highly evaluated Shimizu’s work, which aimed to provide guidelines for developing new drugs targeting M1.

The prize-winners at the award presentation ceremony.

Kanade Shimizu receives a Poster Presentation Award.


a first-year student in the Graduate Program in Chemistry, Graduate School of Science
Kanade Shimizu (right in the photo)

I am delighted to have won a Poster Presentation Award at the 4th International Conference on Pharma and Food. I am honored to receive this award from an advanced, international academic society that fuses research on pharmacy, medicine and nutrition, despite the fact that I am a student at the Graduate School of Science. I was able to win this award thanks to the guidance provided by professors who supervised me or conducted joint research with me. I am sincerely grateful to them. I will use this award as a springboard for further research to realize scientific innovations in a new domain that combines studies on medicine and foods in integrative medicine.

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