Feb 01, 2019

360-degree virtual online tour of Rikkyo University libraries and other facilities released



Rikkyo University has produced and released a 360-degree virtual online tour of its libraries and other facilities.

Images when viewed in the VR mode (viewed with VR glasses on).

In recent years, virtual reality technology has increasingly been used for introducing facilities. Rikkyo University’s Librarian Course produced and released content that introduces Ikebukuro Library, Niiza Library and other facilities on campus in addition to an area around the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station. The content was made in collaboration with Hong Kong’s Sugar Coat VFX Design.

If a viewer attaches commercially available VR goggles or glasses to a smartphone and views the content with the VR mode, the field of vision can move 360 degrees in accordance with movement of the viewer’s head, providing a feeling of actually being on campus.

Viewers can easily see the content, which does not require installation of a special application. Cheap VR goggles and glasses cost several hundred yen.

The VR tour, which was originally made for teaching material for students enrolled in the Librarian Course, also allows potential students living far from the university to virtually tour the campuses.

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