Certification Programs


Teacher, Curator, Librarian & Lifelong Education Director Programs are offered to students who wish to obtain qualification as a specialist in the field of school education or in various institutions that provide continuing education. The Programs comprise four courses: Teacher Training Course; Curator Course; Librarian Course; and Lifelong Education Director Course. These courses are open to any student who wishes to participate, regardless of their college or department. In the Teacher Training Course, however, the subject for which a teaching credential can be earned depends on the student’s major field of study.
​All the courses in our programs are conducted based on Japanese laws and regulations. The instructional language for most of the courses is Japanese. However, it doesn't limit any students to join the courses.

Teacher Training Course

The Teacher Training Course offers a program that enables students to obtain a teaching credential. By earning a specified number of credits by taking courses in this program and combining them with the credits required to graduate from the department or college to which the student belongs, students can obtain a teaching credential to teach a subject related to their major at a junior or senior high school. The credential to teach in a primary school can be obtained only by students whose major is in primary school education (the Department of Education in the College of Arts). Students who have studied in the spirit of freedom that infuses Rikkyo, completed the Teacher Training Course, and gone on to become teachers have earned an excellent reputation at the schools where they teach. The subject for which a teaching credential can be earned depends on the student's major field of study.

Curator Course

The Curator Course offers a program that enables students to obtain the qualification to work as a curator of a museum whose main purpose is to promote public education. A curator is an expert with specialized knowledge in a particular field who plays a central role in the running of museums, art galleries and similar institutions. Experts are needed for the facilities recognized under Japan’s Museum Law. At Rikkyo University, these courses are open to all of the students in the Graduate Schools, Colleges, and Departments. The Museum Law also states that the bachelor’s degree at a university in Japan is required to be a curator.

Librarian Course

The Librarian Course offers programs that enable students to acquire qualification as librarians. The term ‘librarian’ here means not only specialized library staff but experts capable of organizing, searching, and retrieving information.
The Librarian Course at Rikkyo University consists of two programs of study: the Librarian Program and the School Librarian Program. The Librarian Program enables students to qualify as librarians (shisho) in accordance with the Library Law of Japan. Rikkyo University arranges library practicums for students in this program with the aim of fostering their expertise as librarians. This is one of the major features of the program. The School Librarian Program enables students to qualify as school librarians (shisho kyoyu) in accordance with the School Library Law, which stipulates that a school librarian must also possess a Japanese teaching credential.

Lifelong Education Director Course

The Lifelong Education Director Course offers a program that enables students to obtain the qualification to work as a specialist at a facility such as a community center or youth center, or as an expert who belongs to a board of education and gives advice on various activities for providing lifelong education.
A lifelong education director works for a prefectural or municipal body to carry out the planning and implementation of classes or courses for youth, adults, and senior citizens. Directors also work in community centers or youth centers to provide advice and guidance. To obtain qualification as a lifelong education director, one has to have a bachelor’s degree, credits in subjects related to lifelong education as stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and at least one year’s experience as an assistant director of a lifelong education program.

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