RIKKYO Learning Style

Academic System

At Rikkyo University, we regard the four-year campus life more than just lessons, but rather a system that also includes various activities such as circles and volunteering.
This is a new style of learning in which students imagine the person they want to be in future, then study independently and steadily toward their goal.

Four years to gradually learn, grouped into three phases

At Rikkyo University, we provide support grouped into three phases of student life (introduction, development, and completion) in order to follow each student’s individual growth.

  • 〈Introduction Phase〉Students discover the significance and fun of studying at Rikkyo, and acquire the foundations for four years of study at university. Lessons are carried out based around the Rikkyo First Term Program.
  • 〈Development Phase〉Students widen their horizons by accruing all kinds of experiences, deepening their understanding of others and of other cultures.
  • 〈Completion Phase〉Students reflect on their studies and personal growth over four years, and explore fields of specialization that lead to their future goals.
Rikkyo Jikan: A system to support students’ studies
Rikkyo Jikan is a system that lets students check online whether their studies are proceeding in line with their goals. The system stores all sorts of data accumulated over four years of study, such as papers submitted in classes, feedback from instructors, reports on experiences volunteering or studying abroad, TOEIC® and other scores, and items received through club and circle activities. This allows students to review their growth while checking their goals at any time, making it a useful tool when considering one’s future career.

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