Rikkyo Service Learning (RSL)

What is Rikkyo Service Learning (RSL)?

Studying at university is often described as a process of “contemplating questions that have no answer.” As such, it’s important for students to take the initiative in actively searching for encounters with themes that they wish to become more deeply involved with. Actually experiencing and thinking about the problems occurring in the world, or societal problems about which people have different opinions, is a short path to encountering the themes one wishes to explore.
Service Learning is the process of building on those experiences to discover themes to study as a specialization at the University, and use this as an opportunity to encounter the themes of one’s life.
RSL subjects are categorized into two types: lecture courses and practical courses.
The subjects have been structured in a way that allows students to gradually take the courses based on the progress of their studies and their interest.

Definition of RSL

RSL is a form of practical for-credit program which aims to unify activities out in society with academic education in the classroom. This program is being developed into a regular curriculum subject. Under the guidance of specialized organizations working on the ground for various community and social issues, students carry out the associated works for a certain period of time, then combine their practical experience and theoretical learning.

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