Measures to Improve Trust and Fairness in Research

Code of Conduct for Research Activities

We have established a code of conduct at Rikkyo University that all people who engage in university research activities and all who support these activities must adhere to.
To ensure that this code of conduct is effectively administered and to promote consciousness of research ethics by researchers, we have established a Code of Conduct Committee, and a Consultation and Reporting Help Desk to handle consultations and reports relating to issues connected to the code of conduct.

Prevention of Misappropriation of Public Research Expenses

At Rikkyo University, we work to prevent misappropriation of public research expenses and ensure that they are administered and managed appropriately, based on the Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan’s “Guidelines for Managing and Auditing Public Research Funds at Research Institutions (Implementation Standards)” (February 18, 2014 revision).

Ethics and Safety in Life Science

At Rikkyo University, we have established the “Rikkyo University Standard for Life Science Research Ethics and Safety” and “Rikkyo University Committee for Life Science Research Ethics and Safety Regulations” in order to carry out research and experiments related to life science based on university-wide guidelines and benchmarking standards. We use these regulations to ensure that research and experiments related to life science are conducted in a safe and ethical manner.

Security Export Control

Security export control is the management system to ensure that goods (devices, samples, etc.) and technology that could be used for military purposes are not given to terrorist organizations or countries that are developing nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, in order to maintain international peace and safety including that of Japan. In Japan, this is carried out in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. At Rikkyo University, we have set out the “Rikkyo University Export Control for National Security Regulations” to carry out appropriate, secure export control, establish management systems, and engage in relevant education and awareness activities for faculty and other personnel.

Conflict of Interest Management

At Rikkyo University, we give the utmost respect to autonomous activities by University faculty and staff in social engagement activities at the university. However, in order to produce results while preventing difficulties arising from conflicts of interest and engaging in activities without fear of conflicts of interest, we carry out conflict of interest management.

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