May 31, 2024

Job announcement for faculty member (Organic chemistry, Department of Chemistry, College of Science) Application deadline: 2024.8.31



1. Available position
Associate Professor or Professor, one person

2. Affiliation
Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science

3. Starting date
April 1, 2025

4. Employment status and contract period
No fixed term (full-time). However, retirement is mandatory at the end of the academic year in which the faculty member turns sixty-five.

5. Research field
Organic chemistry

6. Subjects to be taught
Lectures and experimental classes on organic chemistry in bachelor and graduate courses, research instruction, Common Courses in the College of Science, University-wide Liberal Arts Courses, etc.

7. Workplace
Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro Campus
The faculty member may also be required to teach classes and perform other duties at Niiza Campus.

8. Working hours and holidays
Working hours: Periods that you are responsible for classes between 8:50 a.m. (start of first period) and 8:35 p.m. (end of sixth period) as well as other times needed to perform duties.
Holidays: Sundays, National Holidays (however, classes may be conducted on national holidays), holidays designated by Rikkyo Gakuin or its schools

9. Salary
In accordance with Rikkyo University regulations (outline below):
The base salary is graded based on the number of years of experience (or passed) after graduating from a university or college. For example, for a faculty member in his/her twentieth year after graduating from a university, the total annual salary is around ten million yen, including base salary, bonuses and other benefits.

10. Other compensation (research funds, insurance membership, other)
In accordance with Rikkyo University regulations (outline below):
  • Allowance for commuting expenses: eligible
  • The health insurance managed by the Rikkyo Gakuin Health Insurance Society, employees’ pension insurance, long-term care insurance (for people aged 40 or older), employment insurance and Labor insurance: Enrollment
  • Personal Research Funds and sabbatical leave program: eligible
  • Retirement allowance and Rikkyo Gakuin Pension Plan: eligible
  • Allowances for travel and moving expenses upon initial appointment: eligible

11. Qualifications
  • The candidate must have a Ph.D.
  • The candidate must have understanding and enthusiasm for teaching and research at a private university.
  • The candidate must be able to teach lectures and student experiments in the field of organic chemistry and have outstanding research achievements.

12. Application deadline
All materials must arrive no later than August 31, 2024.

13. Application
Please pre-register (Google Forms) and then submit your application materials via e-mail.

(1) Pre-registration (Google Forms)
Please register at the URL below.
The registration details are as follows.
  1. E-mail address, name, current affiliation and title
  2. File name of PDF file to be submitted via e-mail(*See (2))
  3. Main research interests
  4. URL for web site containing a list of research achievements (e.g. Researchmap) (*If not available, add a list of research achievements to the application materials)
  5. Bibliographic information on three major publications (original paper and review) [Author(s), title, journal, volume, pages, year of publication, and applicant's contribution (briefly)](*Include PDF files of the papers in the application materials)
  6. Information on three competitive research grants that you received as PI or awards within the last five years (name of program, name of proposal, amount received, period, etc.)
  7. Lecture courses that can be offered immediately after arrival

(2) Application materials (Submit via e-mail)
Submission address:
Application materials should include the following
  1. Curriculum vitae (free format, photo attached)
  2. List of research achievements (classified into peer-reviewed original papers, reviews, books, patents, awards, presentations at conferences, and others) *Not required if you answer the URL of the list of research achievements in the pre-registration.
  3. PDF files of three major publications (original paper and review)
  4. List of competitive research grants obtained within the last five years (name of program, name of proposal, amount received, period, etc.)
  5. Summary of past research and future research plans (within 4 pages)
  6. Educational achievements (List of lectures and experimental classes which you have taught. For each course, describe the content, grade level covered, class size, and the name of the school where the class was conducted.)
  7. Aspirations for education at Rikkyo University (1–2 pages)
  8. Names and contact information (affiliation, e-mail address, telephone number) of two persons from whom reference opinions may be sought regarding the applicant

*Combine the above application materials (1–8) into a single PDF file and submit it.
*The file name should be the characters before and after the @ mark of your pre-registered e-mail address, with @ changed to a hyphen. (e.g. “” → "kagaku-rikkyo.pdf”)
*Do not put passwords on the PDF file.
*The personal information provided will be used only for recruitment, and not for any other purpose. We will dispose of all application materials responsibly.

14. Selection
After the application deadline, we will conduct an initial screening based on application materials. Those who are selected for the second round will be contacted by e-mail to arrange a date for the second round. The second round will include an interview and a mock class (subject to be specified by us).

15. Contact information
Shusaku NAGANO (department head)
Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Rikkyo University
3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8501, Japan
E-mail: (Selection Committee Secretariat)

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