Nov 21, 2023

2024 Academic Year Matriculation Ceremony (Spring)



We would like to inform you about the schedule for the 2024 Academic Year Matriculation Ceremony (Spring) .

Date and time:

  • Matriculation Ceremony (Spring)

3 April 2024
12:00~ College of Arts (exc. Department of Christian Studies)
14:00~ College of Arts (Department of Christian Studies), Global Liberal Arts Program, College of Sociology (incl. Graduate School), Graduate School of Arts, Graduate School of Christian Studies
16:00~ College of Law and Politics, College of Intercultural Communication (incl. each Graduate School)

4 April 2024
10:00~ College of Community and Human Services, College of Sport and Wellness (incl. each Graduate School)
12:00~ College of Tourism, College of Science (incl. each Graduate School)
14:00~ College of Economics (incl. Graduate School)
16:00~ College of Contemporary Psychology (incl. Graduate School), College of Business (incl. Graduate School of Business (Graduate Program in International Business))
18:30~ Graduate School of Economics - Economics Course - Working Adults Course, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Social Design Studies, Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science, Graduate School of Business (Graduate Program in Business)


Main Hall in Tucker Hall, Ikebukuro Campus

Further information

We plan to make video footage of the ceremony available to watch on the internet for incoming students, etc., who cannot attend. Incoming students will be notified of the details on Rikkyo Orientation Website.
No advance registration required
Rikkyo University


General Affairs Office, General Affairs Division

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