Nov 27, 2023

Students of College of Intercultural Communication carry out collaborative community project with Toshima Ward



Ten students, including some from South Korea, China and Vietnam, have voluntarily compiled a “Guide to Resident Tax Payment for Foreign Residents” in collaboration with the Tax Division of the Toshima Ward Office as part of a collaborative community project.

In recent years, Toshima Ward has seen a great increase in the number of foreign residents, who now account for 10 percent of the roughly 290,000 people who live in the ward. In many cases, foreign residents raise questions about resident tax bills that are mailed to them, or fall behind in tax payments, possibly because many of them are from countries where there is no resident tax. It has become urgent for the ward to inform foreign residents of the tax.

The ward office set up a counter for providing consultation to foreign residents and mailed a flyer about the taxation system to them, but the situation has not improved. The ward office contacted the College of Intercultural Communication, which operates the Rikkyo Japanese Language Class, in which students provide support to Japanese language learners who are living or working in the ward, with the aim of working together to improve the situation.

The students then compiled a new tax payment guide based on what they have learned in their courses, experience they have gained through the Rikkyo Japanese Language Class, and suggestions by international students.

To read about the project’s activities, which lasted about six months, please click the link below.

Students make a presentation.

Students exchange ideas.

Postscript on January 26, 2024


Students involved in the project appeared on “Toshima Information Square,” a live program broadcast by the Toshima Ward Office.

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