May 31, 2023

College of Intercultural Communication Tenured Position Announcement Position Information / Application Procedures
(Application Closing Date: August 23, 2023)



1. Position Title: Professor/Associate Professor (Tenured) – One position

2. Starting Date: April 1, 2024

3. Discipline Area: Global Studies (e.g., Globalization, Transnationalism, Multicultural Studies, Intercultural Studies)

4. Coursework: College of Intercultural Communication and Graduate School of Intercultural Communication Global Studies-related courses and other courses, such as Cultural Exchange, Academic Skills, Specialized Seminars, Research Guidance, Master’s Thesis Research Guidance, and university-wide general subjects.

5. Position Details: Responsible for teaching and education-related matters, research-related matters, entrance examination related work, undergraduate and graduate school administrative support work, and other duties as prescribed by the Faculty Dean and/or Department Chair.

6. Qualifications:
(1) Ph.D./Ed.D. in a relevant field.
(2) Experience teaching at the university level.
(3) Ability to teach undergraduate and graduate school classes and provide thesis guidance in English, and preferably with experience teaching students who use English as a second or other language.
(4) Ability to contribute to the Global Studies portion of the curriculum of the faculty and graduate school.
(5) Ability to perform work related to the management of study abroad programs (including, for example, outgoing and incoming student support and guidance and institutional-level program maintenance).
(6) Ability to perform work related to the operation of the PEACE CIC and Dual Language Pathway programs (both of which place an emphasis on curriculums conducted in English).
(7) Have the Japanese language skills necessary for various university duties and operations.

7. Conditions: Conditions of employment are determined by the University's regulation (mandatory retirement at 65).

8. Remuneration and Benefits: Based on Rikkyo University rules.

9. Application Closing Date: August 23, 2023 (must be received by)

10. Application Submission Procedures:
(1) Curriculum Vitae
i. Use the Rikkyo University CV form directly (see link below) or as a reference (regarding the information and order of presentation);
ii. Must include contact information (phone number and e-mail address) on the submitted CV;
iii. Submit the CV in English or Japanese.
(2) Fill out the published research section of the CV as instructed on the CV guidelines.
(3) Provide 3 published articles/chapters of research (photocopies are acceptable). At least two of the submitted publications are to be in English; the other can be published in Japanese.
(4) Provide one letter of recommendation. (Be sure to include the person's contact information on a separate sheet of paper.) The letter of recommendation can be written in either English or Japanese.
(5) Provide a syllabus for a course you are currently teaching (or have taught) along with a one-page explanation (maximum length, double-spaced) of the student outcomes of your course. Submit this in English.
(6) Provide a one-page statement (maximum length, double-spaced) regarding the importance of teaching about the intersection between Global Studies and Intercultural Communication. Submit this in English.

(1) Click below to download the CV guidelines and template.
(2) We will only accept applications submitted via the JREC-IN Web application. Candidates must adhere to this submission process and follow the JREC-IN Web application submission procedures. All documents must be submitted as a single file (either a PDF or a compressed file). When submitting your application, the file name should include your full name along with “Application for the Global Studies Position”. After receiving your electronic application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a week of submission, please contact us directly (see Contact Information below).
* Please note that the JREC-IN website will be shut down from 6:00 p.m., June 30, 2023 (Japan Standard Time) until the morning of July 3 for system maintenance.

(3) If any of the three major works you wish to submit cannot be rendered in PDF format (such as a book), you may then send them via registered mail to the address below. However, applications submitted by registered mail alone will NOT be considered.

Office of the College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University, 3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8501

Please write “Global Studies position application documents enclosed” in red on the envelope. Application materials will not be returned unless accompanied by an appropriately self-addressed, stamped envelope.
11. Selection Procedure:
The application process is based upon documentation review and interview. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by September 6, 2023. Interviews will be conducted in the middle of September of 2023 and will be conducted in English and Japanese. Interviews can be arranged to take place online via Zoom.

***Transportation expenses for in-person interviews will not be paid.

12. Contact Information:
College Administration Office, Section 4 (College of Intercultural Communication), Rikkyo University (email:
*Please note that the office will be closed for summer break between August 9 and 20. During this time period the office will be unable to answer inquiries.

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