May 12, 2023

On the Use of AI, Including Generative Artificial Intelligence



Dear Students and Faculty Members:

May 12, 2023
Rikkyo University

The recent development of AI, including generative artificial intelligence, is so tremendous that its enormous social impact has come to be apparent, whilst people’s attention to and interest in its related tools keep expanding. It is obvious that AI as technology will reinforce its public significance in both positive and negative ways. This means that our acquisition of literacy in this new resource will become indispensable.

Rikkyo University, based on its commitment to a liberal arts education, has provided students with the systems of knowledge that humanity has established, as well as the ability to make the most of them for society. As an integral part of our goal for enhancing student learning and intellectual skills, we have an intention to prompt students to explore ways in which they can effectively and appropriately utilize AI and eventually contribute to society. To this end, we encourage students to acquire basic literacy in AI, critically examine its effects and impacts (in terms of both affordances and annoyances), and to develop a positive and creative engagement with AI to promote its acceptable use. At the same time, faculty and staff are expected to look for a relevant method of using AI in accordance with their own teaching, research, and duties, and to practice ethical AI use accordingly; this policy is meant for faculty and staff to accentuate their contributions to the improvement of the quality of education at Rikkyo University.

Since a proper manner to appropriate AI in classrooms and in research contexts varies depending on the specificity of subjects and research fields, students should follow the directions of their instructors in accessing and applying the technology. Students are requested to carefully consider the authentic goals of learning as well as the validity of expected learning outcomes; students should try not to compromise the quality of their academic achievements by abusing AI; furthermore, students are expected to abide by academic honesty and attempt to use AI “skillfully.”

The issues to consider in using generative artificial intelligence extend to diverse fields including ethical integrities, protection of copyright and intellectual property rights, protection of privacy, in addition to technological literacy. Faculty and staff attempting to use AI technology are expected to continue to improve the quality of education and fulfill their social responsibilities. The Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science, which Rikkyo University inaugurated in2020, also focuses not only on the acquisition and exploration of technology, but also on “ELSI” (Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications) as well as the social implementations of AI.

In conclusion, we invite you to visit the website designed to assist you in properly understanding AI and to present fundamental resources regarding the technology. AI technology is constantly evolving, and the ways in which it is used, and its impacts are likely to change rapidly. Therefore, we encourage you to use the information to help you understand and take advantage of AI. Rikkyo University, with meticulous attention to both the beneficial and the detrimental aspects of AI, will actively engage with the cutting-edge technologies including AI, in order to achieve our essential goals to support student learning first and foremost, and to develop individuals who can contribute to society.

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