Nov 14, 2022

Job opening for Specially Appointed Faculty Member to recruit international students (Organization for Global Initiatives) Deadline for applications: December 12th, 2022



1. Position:
Specially Appointed faculty member
(Number to be hired: One, Professor or Associate Professor)

2. Scheduled date of appointment:
April 1st, 2023

3. Term of employment:
April 1st,2023 -March 31st, 2024
One-year contract (Annually renewable, for up to 4 times prior to March 31st, 2028, based on work performance)

4. Specialized field:
Comparative education, International education or Higher education

5. Job description:
(1) Teach in the area of international education and other relevant areas of your expertise
(2) Work on international entrance exams for international students and others
(e.g. examining application documents, preparing for assessment documents, and explaining the acceptance of the students to accepting faculty)
(3) Relate to above (2), discussing collaborative agreements with overseas partner schools, and liaising with external organizations
(4) Relate to above (2), promoting publicity activities for the recruitment of international students
(5) Relate to above (2), conducting orientations for international students
(6) Others to be requested by the director of the organization for global initiatives

6. Qualifications/Requirements:
Those who meet all the following (1) to (4):
(1) Ph.D., or expect to obtain Ph.D. by the appointment date
(2) Working experience at university in Japan or overseas
(About 10-year experience is required. Work experience or knowledge relevant to the recruitment of international students is preferred)
(3) Ability to work in the above job description in English (native level) and Japanese
(4) Teaching experience at university

7. Benefits and Conditions:
(1) Salary: Annual Salary system. Bonus and retirement allowance are not provided.
(2) Research allowance: Personal research allowance (310,000 yen per year) etc.
(3) Working hours: Class hours and other hours related to necessary matters as a teacher, Holidays: Sundays, national holidays (however, there are some school days on national holidays), and holidays set by Rikkyo educational corporation or Rikkyo university.
(4) Work place: Mainly Rikkyo University Ikebukuro campus
※All is based on Rkkyo University's regulations.

8. Required documents:
(1) A curriculum vitae (including a list of researches)
(2) A photo
(3) 3 main achievements
(4) A statement of purpose (please write why you apply for this position, how you can contribute to the university based on your experience and expertise. Either Japanese or English is acceptable.)
※Please use the designated format for your curriculum vitae (either in Japanese or English), and make sure to include your email address.
※In the write-in column of your curriculum vitae, please state your educational background, degree, professional experience, academic and social activities, publications, and a list of academic articles.
※In addition, if you submit a certificate of language proficiency (optional) which has the expiry date, it will be valid if the examination was taken after April 1st, 2020.

9. Selection procedure:
Primary selection by document screening, followed by interviews for those who passed the primary selection.
(Travel and accommodation fees are at your own expenses)

10. Apply to:
The organization for global initiatives(
Please combine all the documents, except for the photo, into one PDF and submit it with the photo to the above mail address.
※The application documents must reach us no later than on Monday, December 12th, 2022
After assessing the application documents, the university will notify the applicants who pass through the primary selection via email by Monday, December 19th, 2022, that they will proceed to the interviews.
Scheduled interview dates:
Tuesday Morning, January 10th, 2023 at Ikebukuro campus
Wednesday Morning, January 11th, 2023 at Ikebukuro campus

※The personal information in the application documents will not be used for any purpose other than for recruitment and employment.
※The university will not return the application documents regardless of the results (pass or fail), which will be appropriately disposed of under the responsibility of the university.

11. Contact:
Organization for global initiatives (Mr. Ito)
Phone: 03-3985-4152

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