Oct 03, 2022

New students enrolled in NEXUS, PEACE programs



Rikkyo University has accepted five new undergraduate students for the NEXUS and PEACE programs, which were launched in September 2022 as part of the Rikkyo Study Project.

The NEXUS Program, an undergraduate degree program with nine majors, aims at international students with Japanese language skills equivalent to the N3 level in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the time of application. NEXUS students are required to take intensive Japanese language classes during their first semester to improve their Japanese proficiency and then take their specialized courses conducted mainly in Japanese. The PEACE Program, with three majors, is also an undergraduate degree program for international students to study specialized courses entirely in English.
Rikkyo University is striving to realize a campus environment for our students outside and inside of Japan and with diverse cultural backgrounds to study together. This is one of its crucial priorities of Rikkyo Global 24, the university’s internationalization strategy, which was launched in 2014.

For details about Rikkyo Study Project, please refer to the link below
On September 12, the university held an orientation meeting to welcome new students enrolled in the Program. The session was also attended by the President of Rikkyo University, the Director of the Organization for Global Initiatives, the Director of the Center for Japanese Language Education, faculty members, and senior students who serve as Japanese-language tutors in the NEXUS Program from the colleges new students enrolled.

At the meeting, Rikkyo University President Renta Nishihara described his expectations of the students: “It is my sincere hope that you, as the first class of the programs, will provide an impetus for proactively interacting with other students, informing and learning about each other’s culture and values, and sharing the joy of learning together.”

The new students then introduced themselves. They shared their study plans at Rikkyo University and future aspirations, such as learning how to solve economic problems in their home countries, or working for international organizations while based in Japan.

Classes began on September 20. Rikkyo University will provide sufficient support to the students, many of whom came to Japan for the first time, to help them become accustomed to the new environment of learning at Rikkyo University and living in Japan, and deepen their learning toward their future goals.

The application for Admission to the 2023 NEXUS Program and PEACE Program starts on October 14. (The NEXUS Program only accepts students from designated high schools that have a partnership agreement with Rikkyo University.) Please refer to the URL below for the Admissions for the PEACE Program.

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