Sep 20, 2022

Rikkyo Started an Initiative to Accept Students from Ukraine.



Rikkyo University, in cooperation with Pathways Japan (PJ), a general incorporated association, and the Japan International Christian University Foundation (JICUF), has launched an initiative to accept five international students from Ukraine in September 2022. As a start, a welcome reception was held on September 14 at the Ikebukuro campus.

At the welcome reception, President Renta Nishihara heartily welcomed and addressed the Ukraine students, “Welcome everybody. We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival here at Rikkyo University. Last year we issued the ‘Rikkyo University Declaration of Human Dignity,’ and position real collaborative action by all the students, faculty and staff who make up Rikkyo University as this university's most important task. You have expectations and anxieties about your new life. I promise all Rikkyo students, faculty and staff members will support you throughout your student life in here.” In response, the Ukrainian students expressed their expectations for their life in Japan, by saying, "We are very much looking forward to studying at Rikkyo University. I hope that each one of us will learn and experience many things here so that we can contribute to Ukraine's future."

Rikkyo University has declared the " Rikkyo University Declaration of Human Dignity" in 2021, confirming that Rikkyo University should contribute to valuing human dignity. Rikkyo University's decision to accept students at this time is based on this declaration. This is also an implementation of the founding spirit of Rikkyo University, "To seek universal and divine truth, for our world, society, and neighbors.” Rikkyo is considering continuing this initiative in the future, with the support of donations from alumni and supporters.

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