Apr 25, 2020

Provision of Learning Environment Equipment Scholarship



Dear students and guarantors,

Let me express our sincere gratitude to your understanding and cooperation for our educational activities. My heart is with all of you, who are confronted with unprecedent and uncertain situation brought by COVID-19, having to spend restless days.

As you may know it on our website, we decided to conduct online instructions for all the classes during the entire period of Spring Semester, 2020. I want you to understand that this decision was made to prioritize students’ safety and wellness. For the time being, we may not be able to fulfill their expectation to take classes on campus, but all the members of faculty and staff at Rikkyo University currently take all possible measures to provide the unvarying opportunities to earn credits as before and maintain academic quality comparable to face-to-face classes on campus, so that they may smoothly carry out online instructions.

So far, we have been notifying students of how to take online instructions and requests via students’ website. We have also been providing them our support to loan laptop computers at a reasonable price in cooperation with the Alumni Association and others ahead of time. In addition to the above, I am pleased to announce that we have made a decision to provide all the students JY50,000 as the Learning Environment Equipment Scholarship, so that they may be able to set up their learning environment for online instructions and take remote classes surely and comfortably. (Note: details of receiving the scholarship will be announced separately later.)

Apart from this, there is inquiry form regarding scholarship on students’ website for Rikkyo’s scholarship opportunities including financial aids for those who have been financially affected by COVID-19, so please go to the website for further information.

Also, regarding library and career center, we are going to provide a variety of service to enhance convenience via online system. Please refer to the website for updates.

The situation of COVID-19 and its expansion remains unpredictable. Rikkyo University prioritizes students’ safety and wellness and plans on taking required appropriate measures in future. I truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation to overcome today’s hardship.


Yangchoon Kwak
Rikkyo University

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