Jul 28, 2020

About Entry to Campus and University Reception Services
(updated July 28)



Taking into account the societal circumstances concerning COVID-19 and taking safety measures, the university is proceeding with gradual relaxation of restrictions on entry into campus and expansion of use of various on-campus facilities.
Entry to campus and reception counter services are as follows from August 1 (Sat.) to September 19 (Sat.). We will notify the community separately in mid-September regarding measures from September 20 (Sun.) onward.

About Entry to Campus

1) About entry
I. Students
・In principle, students who have received entry permission or school visit instructions may enter campus. This also includes students who will participate in some resumed extracurricular activities from August 1. Students must bring their Student ID Card when entering the university. It is necessary to present a Student ID Card at a checkpoint when entering.
・Entry restrictions for the following uses have been relaxed. Please refer to the relevant webpages for details such as conditions of use.
About use of the library
About use of the Career Center
・Automatic certificate-issuing machines are available. For details, check the notice here.
II. Faculty and staff
Identification Cards are necessary when entering campus.
III. Those from outside the university community
Please contact the department of your visit in advance. The relevant department will provide instructions.

2) About entry locations (checkpoint locations)
・Ikebukuro Campus: Tucker Gate, North Gate, West Gate to Bldg. No.5, Gate to Bldg. No.6
・Niiza Campus: Main Gate

3) Precautions for coming to school/work
・Be sure to wear a mask.
・Carry out proper cough etiquette.
・Be thorough in washing hands and gargling; disinfect hands as necessary.
・Check “Campus Entry Possibility Regarding COVID-19” if you have cold symptoms such as fever or abnormal sense of taste or smell.

About Reception Counters for All Administrative Offices

We ask that during the above period you make inquiries to any of the university’s reception counters from 10:30-15:30 Monday-Friday after also checking “Measures for All Administrative Departments” below. However, in-person reception at counters is only available when notified, according to the content handled by each department.
(Inquiries to the Independent Graduate Schools Office are 13:30–18:30 Monday-Friday.)
* Offices are closed from August 11 (Tue.) to August 19 (Wed.).
* This may vary depending on the circumstances of contagion.

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