Apr 03, 2020

Change of the start date of classes for Spring Semester, 2020(updated April 3)



We made an announcement on Thursday, March 19 that online instructions would be offered for some designated classes, but at that time we assumed that some students who could not have an online learning environment might have to use computers equipped in classroom on campus. Given the situation that there are an increasing number of people in Tokyo infected by COVID-19, we came to realize that we also would have to consider the situation, in which students and other members of Rikkyo University might not be able to come here at all. Therefore, we have decided to set another date to start all the classes on Thursday, April 30.

In regard to all the classes to be scheduled on April 30, we are currently working to prepare for online instructions in case we experience an emergency situation including Tokyo’s lockdown. Please be advised that you will need a required internet environment (*) in order to participate in online instructions, so we ask each of you to prepare for it
by April 30.

Further information on academic calendar for spring semester, 2020 and online instructions will be available at University’s website, and you will be also notified by SPIRIT mails.

*Please click here for the details of the internet environment.

April 3, 2020
Rikkyo University

Note: College of Business and Graduate School of Business will start online instructions for some courses in early April. Please refer to the websites of College of Business and Graduate School of Business for details.

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