Mar 02, 2020

Oceanian students visit Rikkyo to interact with students, teachers



Twenty-three students from the Oceanian region visited Rikkyo University on January 17 to interact with some of its students and teachers.

The Oceanian students were visiting Japan as part of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) 2019, a program sponsored by the Foreign Ministry to facilitate overseas understanding about Japan. During the 10-day program, the students visited various places to gain first-hand experience of Japan, with the theme of “peace-building and history/culture” in mind.

They interacted with Rikkyo students and teachers at Global Lounge, a venue that hosts diverse events aimed at promoting international exchanges and study abroad programs.

Exchange students from overseas introduced Rikkyo University to the visiting students and gave presentations on culture shock experiences they had in Japan. The Oceanian students, meanwhile, performed traditional dances of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands as they sang. The students and teachers then held a discussion, followed by a tour around the library and Main Dining Hall.

“I learned a lot by mingling with the Oceanian students, because they have different viewpoints and experiences from mine,” one of the Rikkyo University students said. “I’m glad that I participated.”

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