Sep 04, 2018

Publicity video for overseas audiences released



We have made a Rikkyo University publicity video for overseas audiences.
The video spotlights some of the attractions of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, where Rikkyo University’s Ikebukuro Campus is located.

Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area is most commonly associated with anime and manga culture—two quintessential factors of the “Cool Japan” brand—but the area is also home to many traditional Japanese culture highlights such as shrines, temples, and rakugo (comedic storytelling) venues.

From traditional Japanese culture to pop culture and common eateries of yesteryear to today’s cutting-edge skyscrapers, Ikebukuro offers opportunities to experience both the old and the new in addition to various cultural movements on the rise.

Come and enjoy the excitements of Ikebukuro waiting to be discovered upon joining Rikkyo University!

Main places featured in this video:

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