May 11, 2018

Job Announcement for Professor or Associate Professor (English Language Education)



Recruitment of Professor or Associate Professor (English Language Education)

1. Number of positions
3, Professor or Associate Professor

2. Starting date
April 1, 2019

3. Research field
English Language Education

4. Job details
[1] Can be responsible for English language education subjects (university-wide curriculum)
[2] Can be responsible for university-wide language education curriculum (planning, development, management, etc.)
[3] Can be responsible for the Entrance Exam

5. Qualifications
[1] Those who received a doctoral degree, or those who have equivalent ability of education and research.
[2] Those whose native language is Japanese, or those who have equivalent ability of Japanese native speaker.
[3] Those who can teach in English and have an ability to perform work-related duties in English.

6. Location of the position (planned)
Rikkyo University, Center for Foreign Language Education and Research (Preparatory Office)
3-34-1, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan

7. Compensation
Based on the rule of Rikkyo University

8. Application period
2018/6/29 Deadline for receipt
The application must arrive no later than June 29, 2018.

9. Application documents
[1] Curriculum Vitae (Designated Form)
[2] Research achievements (Designated Form)
Note: Please download the formats from below.
[3] Three research papers (books, printings or copies) published within the last five years written in English.
[4] A syllabus for an English course (A4 size, 1 page) as well as the teaching plan of Day 7 of the course (A4 size, up to 3 pages), written either in Japanese or in English, satisfying the following conditions:
・Target students: those whose TOEIC (LR) scores are approximately 500-600
・Course contents: CLIL course for one of the following areas--humanities, social
science, or natural science.
・Class size: approximately 25 students in class
・Class time & number of classes per semester: 100 minutes per class, meets once a
week for 14 weeks per semester
[5] A personal statement “How should the university's English education in the future be?” and “How can I contribute to its realization?” (in 1500 Japanese characters or 800 words).
* In the selection process, we may ask for additional materials.
* Application documents will not be returned.
* Personal information in the application papers will not be used for purposes other than for the selection.

10. Submission Address
Center for Foreign Language Education and Research, Preparatory Office, Rikkyo University
3-34-1, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-8501 Japan
Note: Please write "Application papers (English)" in red on envelope, and send it by a simplified registered mail.

11. Selection process
After application documents are screened, only the successful candidates will be asked to have an interview. Interviews will be conducted on July 21st 15:00~, 23rd 17:00~ or 24th 17:00~. We will contact to the successful candidates by July 14.

12. Contact details
Center for Foreign Language Education and Research, Preparatory Office

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