Apr 19, 2017

Rikkyo University opens 5th overseas office in Jakarta



Rikkyo University opened its ASEAN office on March 1 in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, bringing the number of its overseas offices to five.

Rikkyo University ASEAN Office will recruit international students for the university’s International Cooperative Graduate Programs* and build networks and cooperative ties with universities in Indonesia and other ASEAN nations. The office’s objective is to attract as many top-notch students as possible from this region to Rikkyo.

Rikkyo has tie-ups with 21 universities in eight ASEAN nations, and currently has a total of 30 students from the region (six Indonesians, nine Thais, seven Malaysians, six Vietnamese and two Singaporeans).

Overview of ASEAN Office

Rikkyo University ASEAN Office

Date of opening
March 1, 2017

J1. Sawo Kecik I, Eramas 2000, Jakarta, Indonesia, 13950

One overseas hub coordinator

1) Rikkyo University’s public relations activities.
2) Student recruitment for the International Cooperative Graduate Programs.
3) Build and strengthen networks and tie-ups with Indonesian universities and government institutions under the International Cooperative Graduate Programs.
4) Establish and strengthen relations with universities and other institutions in ASEAN countries.

*International Cooperative Graduate Programs

Under Rikkyo University’s International Cooperative Graduate Programs, international students take classes and receive research instructions in English to earn degrees. The programs particularly want to attract students from Indonesia and other ASEAN nations, the Middle East and Africa.

The programs are offered in tandem with the university’s internationalization strategy, Rikkyo Global 24, for which the university was selected by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the Top Global University Project. Rikkyo has tie-ups with six Indonesian universities to carry out the programs, and has accepted a total of three students to its Master of International Business Program offered by the Graduate School of Business. The post-graduate students, who have been employed by the Indonesian government, municipal governments and companies, will acquire the knowledge and skills to become candidates for important government positions after they return to Indonesia.

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