Nov 13, 2017

Instagram's Head of Product visits Rikkyo University and interacts with students



Kevin Weil, the Head of Product at Instagram, visited Rikkyo University’s Ikebukuro Campus on October 4 and interacted with students.

Kevin Weil, Instagram’s Head of Product (right)

Instagram is a globally popular social networking site on which over 800 million monthly users post pictures and videos and communicate with other users. Instagram also is popular in Japan, with 20 million active users a month.

Rikkyo University set up an Instagram account in 2014. Following the complete redesign of its official website in March 2017, Rikkyo’s posts on Instagram also now appear on the landing page.
Weil and another Instagram employee had already scheduled a visit to Japan, and Instagram sounded out Rikkyo about including a visit to the university.
Weil attended a session for exchanging views with 21 students and was given a guided tour of the campus by the students.

During the opinion exchange session, the students offered various suggestions and opinions on the use of Instagram. Weil seemed especially interested in hearing how people in Japan typically use Instagram.

The students listened intently as Weil, a former Senior Vice President of Product at Twitter, talked about Instagram’s current issues and future prospects.

The students received T-shirts as a gift.

Weil visits Ikebukuro Library during his tour of the campus.

Weil visits the prayer room during his tour of the campus.

Weil in front of the Main Dining Hall during his campus tour.

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