Apr 24, 2015

Public Lecture "Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading" on April 28



On April 28, Graduate School of Christian Studies and Japanese Biblical Institute will hold a public lecture, "Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading". The lecturer will be Professor Richard Hays (Duke Divinity School)

【Time and Date】
18:15-20:15, Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ikebukuro Campus Main Building(Building No.1), First Floor, classroom 1104

Richard Hays (Professor at Duke Divinity School)
Born in May 1948. After having obtained the bachelor and the master’s degree in Yale University, he obtained Ph.D. in New Testament studies at Emory University in 1981.
In 2009, Professor Hays received honorary doctorate (Dr. theol. honoris causa) from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany. He is currently the Dean at Duke Divinity School, and has been teaching and undertaking research since 1991.
He is an internationally renowned scholar in the fields of Letters of Paul and New Testament ethics, and has received many awards.

【Open to】
Student, faculty members, public
*Registration not required, admission free


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