May 22, 2015

Symposium " The Spread of the Reformation and its Trans-National Impact--Toward the Quincentennial of the Reformation Research " on June 20



On June 20, Graduate School of Christian Studies will hold a symposium, " The Spread of the Reformation and its Trans-National Impact—Toward the Quincentennial of the Reformation Research ".

This symposium will have Professor Appold speak about research trend in each country toward 500th anniversary of Reformation. Besides Professor Appold, there will be four other theme presenters to report the developments of Reformation in England, Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands.
【Time and Date】
14:00-18:00, Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ikebukuro Campus Building No.12, B1, Meeting room No.3, 4

【Guest Speaker】
Kenneth G. Appold (James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary)
Born in 1965. Currently living in Japan as a Rikkyo University’s incoming guest researcher of 2015. His area of specialty is Reformation history.
Professor Appold earned his Ph.D. at Yale University, and Dr. Theol.habil. at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg in Germany.
One of his major publications, The Reformation: A Brief History is read by a wide range of readers as a ‘new’ history of Reformation integrating, not only theological perspectives, but also political and economic as well as socio-cultural perspectives.

Doors open

Keynote Speech Kenneth G. Appold
“Reformation Studies on the Eve of the Quincentennial”

Theme presentation (1)
Kei Nasu(Senior Associate Professor, International Christian University)
“Discord in the Air: Music and the Church of England in the Early Seventeenth Century”


Theme presentation (2)
Daisuke Furuya(Associate Professor, Osaka University)
“The Reformation and Conglomerate State: The Scandinavian Perspective on the Dynastic Unification and Confessionalization”

Theme presentation (3) 
Asako Hayakawa(Part-time Lecturer, Tohto College of Health Sciences)
“Eschatology among the Anabaptists in Augsburg”

Theme presentation (4) 
Yoshiyuki Kato(Assistant Professor, Tokyo Christian University)
“Calvinistic Cartesian?: The Dutch Reformed Religion and the Reception of the New Science”


Summarization and conclusion Tomoji Odori(Professor, Musashi University)
“Reformation Studies in Japan: Past and Present”


【Open to】
Students, faculty members, alumni, public
*Registration not required, admission free

English (Lecture text to be distributed)

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