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24 Projects for 202424 Projects for 2024

Rikkyo University ― which strives to be a university that contributes to international community through cultivating Globally aspired Individuals with Liberal Arts Skills and Knowledge ― set targets in four areas in order to achieve the vision for promoting international advancement, and promotes internationalization toward the 150th anniversary in 2024. "Rikkyo Global 24" announced in May 2014 is a general name for the 24 projects that Rikkyo University is engaging in to achieve that goal.

Increasing Study Abroad Placements

Project 1

All students to go abroad:
50% to have overseas experience in 5 years, 100% in 10 years

In order to produce new global leaders who can "think and act independently, and live in harmony with the world", Rikkyo University encourages students to study abroad by measures such as enhancing overseas study programs, extending scholarship system, and reinforcing pre-and post-overseas study support system. Rikkyo University's target for 2019 is for 50% of its students to have had overseas experience by the time they graduate. Furthermore, we expect this number to reach 100% in 10 years, by 2024.

[Rate of students with overseas experience]
Project 2

50% of students to score 730+ in
TOEIC® in 5 years, 100% to score 600+

Rikkyo University's goal for the next five years is for at least 50% of students to have English proficiency roughly equivalent to 730 points or more, and for all students to possess proficiency equivalent to 600 points or more by five years from now.
*TOEIC®: Test of English for International Communication

Project 3

Overseas training program for
all undergraduate students

Currently, the College of Business, Department of Global Business and the College of Intercultural Communication have curriculum involving overseas training for all students. Also in the Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) that is scheduled to launch in the future, the plan is to set a mandatory period of one year's study abroad. In addition, Rikkyo University will further expand short-term study abroad programs for all students.

Project 4

Expansion of International Service-Learning Programs

Rikkyo University arranges placements for its students as UN Youth Volunteers and are implementing a Rikuzentakata Program with Stanford University (USA) students. In the future, we will engage in joint development of international service-learning with overseas universities and others by utilizing our Anglican Communion network overseas.

Project 5

Enhancement of overseas internships

The Center for Global Human Resource Development has started overseas internship programs. In 2014, Rikkyo University placed students in seven partner companies in China, Taiwan, and Germany. We will steadily increase the number of placement sites in future.

Project 6

Global Lounge for Japanese and international students

In 2014, Rikkyo University established Global Lounge at both Ikebukuro and Niiza Campus. Staffed with overseas study advisors, these spaces are intended for students hoping to study abroad, students interested in international exchange, and for interaction between Japanese and international students wishing to learn from each other. The Global Lounge also encourages everyday cross-cultural exchange.

Expanding the Number of International Students

Project 7

Creation of global campus with 2,000+ international students

There are currently about 500 international students enrolled at Rikkyo University. Rikkyo University's goal is to double this figure by 2019 to 1,000 students, and then double this again by 2024 to 2,000 students. In this way, we are promoting the internationalization of our campuses, which will bring our students into contact with a diversity of languages and cultures while still being in Japan.

[Upward trend in the number of international students]
Project 8

Developing double degrees (DD) and joint degree (JD) programs by partnering with overseas universities

In the Graduate School of Business Master of International Business (MIB) program, Rikkyo University has created a double degree program with Rouen Business School in France. We are also currently developing overseas internships and double degree or joint degree programs with Northeastern University and University of North Carolina (USA).

Project 9

Accepting international graduate students on international organization scholarships

Rikkyo University will accept international graduate students from ASEAN nations such as Indonesia, other Asian countries including the Middle East and African countries through scholarships funded by international organizations. For this purpose, we will develop English-language based degree programs and an even more comfortable study environment.

Project 10

Accepting graduate students majoring in TESL/TEFL

Rikkyo University actively recruits graduate students who are majoring in English language teaching at universities in the English-speaking world to come and study. While continuing their teacher training with us, they also cultivate their practical education skills by taking the opportunity to engage in English teaching in our colleges.

Project 11

Degree courses offered in English

In the Graduate School of Business MIB program, all subjects are taught in English. In the future, Rikkyo University will increase the subjects throughout the university that are taught in English, and launch English-taught degree courses not only at graduate level but also at undergraduate level, such as in College of Intercultural Communication and GLAP.

Project 12

Enhancement of courses on Japan and Japanese language

Rikkyo University's Center for Japanese Language Education has developed Japanese language courses divided into nine levels aimed at international students. Furthermore, Rikkyo University plans to increase the opportunities for international students with no experience of learning Japanese to study various aspects of Japanese language and culture.

Improving our Education and Research Environment

Project 13

Increasing overseas partner institutions from 133 to 300

As of 2014, Rikkyo University has agreements with 133 universities. This number will be expanded to 210 in five years and 300 in ten years. Meanwhile, we are pursuing partnerships with overseas liberal arts colleges such as The University of South (USA), CUAC, and others in order to establish our position as a world-class university offering a liberal arts education. Partner Universities and Institutions of Rikkyo University are here

[Upward trend in overseas partner institutions]
Project 14

Establishing overseas offices

Rikkyo University has opened its South Korea (Seoul), London and New York office in 2014. In the future, we will open our ASEAN office and China office. Through these offices, Rikkyo University will conduct public relations activities while forming and strengthening ties with local universities, companies, and the like.

Project 15

Global Leadership Program (Rikkyo GLP)

The Rikkyo GLP forms the core of Rikkyo University's leadership education, which values as highly as English education within the university-wide multi-disciplinary curriculum. Through group work and project-based learning, we foster leadership skills that will help students to draw in other people and work as a team. We will continue to cultivate human resources who can play an active role in global companies and organizations.

Project 16

Promoting Human Resource Development Program for International Cooperation

Together with Meiji University and International University of Japan, Rikkyo University has developed a joint education program run completely in English. The program was recognized by MEXT in 2012 as a Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education and is on track to produce 100 graduates by 2015.

Project 17

Improving international student support environment

Since 2014, a fall enrollment system has been introduced for three courses, the Master of Business and Master of International Business programs at the Graduate School of Business, and the Master's Program in Language Science at the Graduate School of Intercultural Communication. Rikkyo University will also set up an online system for applications from overseas, expand scholarship system for international students, and upgrade employment information and consulting system to make it even more foreigner-friendly.

Project 18

Introduction of course numbering, quarter system, GPA system

Rikkyo University will introduce a numbering system for all subjects in accordance with their connection (area of study, level) to those of overseas universities. In 2016, we will also introduce a quarter system throughout the whole university, which will make it easier for all students to go abroad to study and for students and teachers from overseas more smoothly. Furthermore, we will implement a GPA system in all colleges in 2016.

Strengthening Governance for International Advancement

Project 19

Proportion of foreign faculty members to rise to 20%

The proportion of foreign faculty members, which is 14% as of 2014, will be increased to 20% by 2024. To this end, Rikkyo University will invite prominent researchers from abroad by promoting establishment of an internationally competitive environment.

[Proportion of foreign faculty members]
Project 20

Reinforced governance for promoting international advancement under President's leadership

Rikkyo University is strengthening the governance of its international advancement under the leadership of the President. To bolster its system that helps the President to make speedier decisions, Rikkyo University will establish an Organization for Global Initiatives in April 2015 to carry out internationalization measures more quickly and robustly than ever before.

Project 21

Entrance exam reform suited to potentially globally-minded persons

Rikkyo University will collaborate with International Baccalaureate certified schools, and the like, in order to actively recruit potentially globally-minded persons.

Project 22

Expansion of international dormitories

Rikkyo University has three well-equipped international dormitories near its campuses with a total of 334 rooms. We are also going to build new international dormitories, extend existing ones, and encourage interaction between international and Japanese students.

Project 23

Reinforce staff skills in dealing with internationalization

Rikkyo University will expand its staff skills training system, including practical training at overseas universities, in order to develop staff with international sensibilities and English ability to be able to deal with international students and foreign faculty members. We will increase the proportion of full-time staff that have a TOEIC® score of 730 or more to 20% by 2019.

Project 24

External evaluations by global companies and international organizations

As part of our aim to have a world-class degree program, Rikkyo University will introduce external evaluations by business executives of global companies, officials of international organizations, and faculty members at overseas liberal arts colleges.