Rikkyo Top Global University Conception
The evolution of Rikkyo as a World - Class University

  • Global Liberal Arts Education
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  • Leadership Education
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  • Self-Transformation


Rikkyo Global 24

Reform of Curriculum

  • Establishing a Global Liberal Arts Minor
  • Establishing a Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)
  • Expanding English Courses and Double Degree Programs
  • Implementing International Cooperative Graduate Programs in English
  • Building Liberal Arts Consortiums

Serving as a top level hub for nurturing globally-minded persons, and higher education in Asia

Reform of Student Awareness

  • All first year students acquire the techniques of learning and the spirit of learning
  • Expanding Leadership Programs to extracurricular activities in addition to regular curriculum classes
  • Expanding extracurricular educational programs to include overseas programs, and the like
  • Enhancing the cross-cultural environment, covering all students

Transformation of “student awareness” that allows to nurture globally-minded persons sustainably and acceleratory

Reform of Governance

  • Establishing systems and institutions that can exhibit the leadership of the President
  • Reforming human resource management that can promote excellent faculty members and staff
  • Introducing an internationally accepted curriculum system, a rigorous performance evaluation, and a quarter system
  • Reforming entrance examinations to recruit potentially globally-minded persons
  • Publishing educational information including dropout rates, graduation rates, plans after graduation, progress of the Rikkyo Top Global University Conception, and the like

Building a university organization and developing the infrastructure of the entire university in order to effectively and sustainably promote globally-minded persons throughout the university