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Reform of CurriculumReform of Curriculum

New Educational Program to start Leading Edge Global Education centered on the GLAP and Global Liberal Arts Minor

① Rikkyo University Integrated Undergraduate Programs① Rikkyo University Integrated Undergraduate Programs

Rikkyo University will launch a new education curriculum from 2016. This captures all aspects of student life as a process of character formation, and organically ties together liberal arts subjects, specialized subjects and extracurricular activities and reinvents them as a modern representation of the liberal arts. In this way Rikkyo University will cultivate people who combine humanity with specialized knowledge.

② Global Liberal Arts Minor② Global Liberal Arts Minor

In order to acquire the ability to capture things from multiple angles, Rikkyo University will establish Global Liberal Arts Minor Programs that students from all ten undergraduate colleges can take. Students can choose from among a broad range of courses that will be offered mainly in English, earning at least 16 credits in four years. Each course will include short-term and medium-term overseas programs, and upon completion of the program students will be awarded a certificate by the university for earning their minor.

③Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) ③ Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)

Rikkyo University will establish a new degree program whereby bachelor’s degrees can be obtained by taking only classes offered in English. The program is based on a liberal arts education. Rikkyo University’s educational systems and methods are to be significantly changed to make them internationally-standardized. Upon entering as undergraduates, students in this program do not select any specific fields of study, and study together with international students who are studying at Rikkyo. The program includes a year of study abroad, and students receive tutorial education before their own year of study abroad in addition to living with international students at one of Rikkyo University’s dormitories.

④ New Leadership Education④ New Leadership Education

Drawing on the achievements in the Business Leadership Program (BLP) launched in the College of Business in 2006, and the Global Leadership Program (Rikkyo GLP) that has been run throughout the university since 2013, Rikkyo University will conduct leadership education using the original Rikkyo Active Learning Method.

⑤ International Cooperative Graduate Programs ⑤International Cooperative Graduate Programs

Rikkyo University will establish international cooperative graduate programs that can be completed entirely in English, targeting international students from African countries and the Middle East, as well as ASEAN nations, such as Indonesia.