Rikkyo University is an attractive destination for students around the world seeking an international experience

Michelle Kwok from The University of Hong Kong

Jun 14, 2018


Rikkyo University, with its emphasis on offering a truly global education, is an attractive destination for students around the world seeking an international experience. Michelle Kwok is one such student from the University of Hong Kong who has come to Rikkyo University to participate in a five-week internship. We listened to Michelle about her experiences.

Michelle Kwok
Hailing from the University of Hong Kong to Participate in an Internship

Business trip to Rikuzentakata City.In front of Yagisawa shoten

The Center for Global Human Resource Development welcomed Michelle, from the University of Hong Kong, for a five-week internship from June to July, 2017. Her biggest responsibility was to work on a promotional plan to facilitate the internationalization of Rikkyo University. She presented a proposal which addressed the internationalization trajectory of the university and offered specific suggestions.
“I examined how we can promote Rikkyo University to the world, and prepared my presentation in Japanese,” says Michelle.During the internship, she also went on a business trip to the city of Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture. Not only did she talk to local government officials and residents as a staff member, but as an internship student she also participated in the Rikuzentakata Program prior training with Japanese students and, she sought ways to support and make contributions to the city. By seeing the actual reconstruction work at this tsunami-hit region, Michelle was able to gain a deeper understanding of the various challenges facing Rikuzentakata.
“During my study abroad, I had the opportunity to interact with not only Japanese students but also faculty members and other international students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, which has allowed me to broaden my horizons. I believe the global perspective I gained from Rikkyo University will prove to be valuable in my future work in an international organization,” says Michelle.
There is no doubt that the international work experience gained at Rikkyo has created a platform for Michelle’s dreams of going out into the world.

Students sharing about their expectations towards the Rikuzentakata Project

Meeting about overseas internship

Discussion with Rikkyo University staff

At the Final Presentation Session


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