Student Testimonials (2018) vol.1

Ms. Tran Quynh Anh (Vietnam) and Mr. Han Seungcheol (South Korea)

Feb 19, 2018


Many students, arriving from all over the world in quest for self-discovery, lead enriching lives at Rikkyo University.

Ms. Tran Quynh Anh (Vietnam)
Department of Intercultural Communication,
College of Intercultural Communication

"I've been really fascinated by Japanese technology ever since I was a child, thanks to the influence of my father, who sells Japanese autos. I went to a high school that focuses on foreign language studies, and I studied Japanese as my second foreign language. Afterwards, I came to Japan and entered a Japanese language school as a step toward enrolling in Japanese university. I went on the school's tour of Rikkyo University, and when we arrived I was blown away by the beautiful campus, and so I decided to apply. My dream is to establish a Japanese language school in Vietnam. That's my long-range goal, so for now I'm studying the Japanese language and Japanese language education, while also gaining knowledge and skills in a wider range of disciplines. Next, I plan to go on to graduate studies in the US or Japan, and then I want to work in Japan for at least three years.

I was so busy keeping up with classes in my first year that it was only recently that I learned about the incredible extent to which Rikkyo supports international students. I'll soon be starting my specialized courses, so I'm definitely going to make use of the various tutoring programs, including the guidance on how to write papers.

Vietnam is now undergoing rapid economic growth, and I think there will be a rise in the number of Vietnamese students who study at Japanese universities with private financing. I'd like to set up an association of Vietnamese students at Rikkyo to serve as a forum where newcomers and other kohai can easily access information they need. I also want to actively participate in intercultural events on and off campus so that I myself can gain the know-how to organize events for strengthening ties between Japan and Vietnam."
Mr. Han Seungcheol (South Korea)
Department of Sport and Wellness,
College of Community and Human Services

"Ever since I was little I had wanted to go to Japan, and now I'm living that dream as a student at Rikkyo for the past two years. My decision to major in Sport and Wellness was inspired by an experience I had when I was on my high school’s track team. I was doing a short race when I suddenly couldn’t run hard anymore due to muscle strain. My legs eventually healed, but I had become scared of running and ended up graduating without ever getting over this fear. That bitter experience opened my eyes to the importance of mental training in sports. One thing that makes Rikkyo’s Department of Sport and Wellness different is that study is grounded in community and human welfare. If you can make the people healthy and vibrant, then so will be the community. It’s wonderful to be able to learn about contributing to the community through sports. After graduating, I want to go on to graduate school to further build up my expertise, and then I want to spread the concept of sports mental training among many people and communities.

I’m still an athlete, doing throwing events on Rikkyo’s track and field team. I practice hard until night five times a week, so it’s not easy balancing both sports and studies, but I have fun anyway despite my busy schedule. Rikkyo has a large international student body, so one of the big pluses of studying here is that in addition to meeting various Japanese people I get to encounter all sorts of people from around the world. Another nice thing is that the International Office offers information and support tailored to each student’s needs, helping international students to live and study here with confidence."


Mar 19, 2019

Studying abroad and encounters with people at...

Kent Ito (Employee in charge of the Americas and Hong Kong at Overseas Business Department of Calbee, Inc., and a 2015 graduate from Department of Social Work, College of Community and Human Services)