Alumni Testimonial (2017)

Ms. Mi Eun Song (South Korea)

Jan 30, 2018


Many students, arriving from all over the world in quest for self-discovery, lead enriching lives at Rikkyo University.

Ms. Mi Eun Song
Sports Department, Programming Division, WOWOW INC.
Graduated in 2011 from College of Sociology

Even before my studies in Japan, I aspired to work in the Japanese media industry after graduating from university. In order to realize my goal, I enrolled in Rikkyo University’s Department of Communication and Media Studies of the College of Sociology.

My seminar professor was quite demanding. We were always given an assignment every week and had to submit a report by the morning of class day. The seminar students read each other’s reports and give each other critiques. Thanks to this experience, I was able to develop my skills together with my classmates by giving each other encouragement. There were times when people from newspaper agencies and broadcasting corporations came to our classes. It was inspiring to listen to stories about what actually goes on in the workplace. I even went to visit the companies of the people I came to know through such opportunities. In such ways, I proactively took advantage of the opportunities given to me and studied a wide range of matters.

In my third year, I took the “Internship” course, and my place of internship was my current workplace, WOWOW. Since joining the company, I have been in charge of the live broadcasts of tournaments organized by a mixed martial arts organization in the United States called UFC. Everyday find my job rewarding, as I had wanted to do work related to sports broadcasting given my love of Japanese professional baseball. In my fourth year at WOWOW, I was given an opportunity to plan and produce a documentary program. Documentary proposals are not adopted easily. As many staff endeavor to have their proposals chosen, the competition is rigorous. The fact that my proposal was selected among the mix has given me the significant confidence I have today.

To those international students aspiring to find employment with Japanese companies, I encourage you to challenge yourself to everything you can with the support of the university and professors. Also, do not stop studying Japanese. Since you are job hunting with Japanese students, your Japanese level must be close to that of Japanese people. I myself continue to study Japanese even to this day. This is because I work with Japanese staff.


Mar 19, 2019

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