Alumni Testimonial (2018)

Mr. Kvaerner Peter Kristian (Norway) and Ms. Woo Jinju (South Korea)

Feb 20, 2018


Many students, arriving from all over the world in quest for self-discovery, lead enriching lives at Rikkyo University.

Mr. Kvaerner Peter Kristian (Norway)
Consultant, Valuation & Business Modelling, Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services Co., Ltd.
Graduated in 2015 from the Master in International Business Program, Graduate School of Business

"I work for an international company that provides global support for tackling the various challenges faced by businesses. My job is to valuate client companies' business, asset, investment, and other portfolios. For example, if a client wants to establish a solar power station, I'll run a forecast of their costs and profits to evaluate their business model.

When I studied in the Master in International Business Program, I learned in great detail about the various aspects of business administration, including finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, and HR. My job has given me a strong appreciation of the necessity of all those facets, because it takes broad knowledge and sophisticated expertise to evaluate the many different kinds of businesses our clients operate. It's also important to understand Japan's unique business culture and the business environment. Much of this seems like a strange new world to international students, so I found it very helpful to have gained a deep understanding through my university courses.

Most companies in Japan focus on hiring Japanese workers, so it's no easy feat for international students to land a job here. However, don't let the lack of precedents discourage you, and instead take a proactive approach to your job quest. Rikkyo is a very international environment, so be sure to take advantage of the support of its vibrant international student community, including getting the latest advice from senior students from around the world."
Ms. Woo Jinju (South Korea)
Motherhouse Co. & Ltd.
Graduated in 2013 from the College of Sociology

"I work for a company that develops and markets leather bags, stoles, jewelry, and other products crafted using resources and traditional techniques of partners in developing countries. Currently, I'm learning about the product side of the business at one of our shops in Tokyo, studying things like how to serve customers, design the sales space, and get the shop ready. I hope that someday I’ll be involved in the setup of stores outside Japan.

As a student in the College of Sociology, I studied international cooperation and minorities. At the time of enrollment I wanted to learn about Japanese society, but after watching a documentary on the problems of developing countries in one of my classes, my interests expanded to encompass the whole world. Another thing that really influenced me was listening to the lectures of a professor who worked at the front lines of international cooperation projects. I also learned about the concept of Creating Shared Value, whereby business contributes to the betterment of society, and I started wanting to fi nd a job that would put me in that kind of work—and now I'm very happy to have found such a job.

It was very reassuring for me to have received detailed advice from Rikkyo’s Career Center, ranging from one-on-one counseling to proofreading of my job applications. Being able to communicate in Japanese is a prerequisite for getting a job in Japan. And, it's a good idea to build up skills in your area of expertise. Be sure to leverage the strengths you have as an international student and formulate a solid vision for what you want to accomplish over the long run."


Mar 19, 2019

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Kent Ito (Employee in charge of the Americas and Hong Kong at Overseas Business Department of Calbee, Inc., and a 2015 graduate from Department of Social Work, College of Community and Human Services)