Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center Tour

Master of Social Development and Administration Course (MSDA)

Jul 02, 2024


On June 17, MSDA first-year students visited the Life Safety Learning Center (Bosai-kan) in Ikebukuro, just a five-minute walk from campus. They were accompanied by two sociology students currently researching earthquake preparedness among international students at the university.

The Bosai-kan tour program began with an earthquake simulation, followed by drills such as evacuating a smoke-filled room and using the fire extinguishers. Students also viewed a documentary on the Great East Japan Earthquake during the program.
Back on campus, the group engaged in a lively classroom discussion reflecting on their experience. During the discussion after the tour, they collectively agreed that their experiences at the center had provided valuable preparation for handling emergencies. The sociology group asked questions to the MSDA students regarding a set of emergency-related pictograms they are now developing for international students. Some of the answers were based on the viewpoint of the foreigners living in Japan and were unexpected for the Japanese students; however, these must have become very helpful advice for the pictogram construction. The MSDA students were also grateful for the sociology group's endeavors.

This tour has become a meaningful opportunity for hands-on disaster preparation as well as for interaction with undergraduate students of a different college.


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