Learning Assistance

Ikebukuro Library

In November 2012, the Ikebukuro library opened its doors after unifying four libraries located on the Ikebukuro campus. It can house more than two million books, has a large seating capacity for more than 1,530 people, and is one of the largest university libraries in Japan. The Ikebukuro Library offers strong support for learning, education, and research activities by meeting a diverse range of needs, combined with its ease of use.

Niiza Library

The Niiza Library offers services for integrated learning and research, with a primary focus on the College of Tourism, the College of Community Welfare, the College of Contemporary Psychology, and various research subjects. It also functions as a depository library for the United Nations agency of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In addition to its quiet browsing areas, group study spaces were added in 2012 that are well-suited to the style of learning at the Niiza Campus. The campus also supports the local community by allowing Niiza citizens to use the library, etc.