Learning Support for International Students

Learning Assistance

We provide a variety of support for international students studying at Rikkyo University.
Tutoring Service
・Guidance for foreign-language essay writing
When deemed necessary by their advisor, international students enrolled in degree programs can receive essay-writing guidance from tutors for a set period of time in the year that they are required to submit a graduation paper, master's thesis, or doctoral dissertation. However, the students who are writing an essay in their native language are not eligible for this service.

・General instruction
When deemed necessary by their advisor, inter-university exchange students from partner institutions can receive tutoring by undergraduate or graduate students two hours per week. Tutors will provide assistance with studies and research under the guidance of the advisor.
Japanese Language Support Desk
The Center for Japanese Language Education provides a Japanese Language Support Desk to give support to the students whose native language is not Japanese. Lecturers who specialize in Japanese language education will provide guidance on the topic of Japanese.

【Available Forms of Guidance】
  • Japanese writing guidance for reports and essays for regular curriculum subjects taken together with Japanese students
  • Advice on methods for learning Japanese
  • Information on the various Japanese language examinations, and textbooks and practice books that are helpful for taking these examinations
  • Japanese writing guidance for job application forms (“entry sheets”) and applications for scholarships
  • Various other forms of assistance relating to Japanese language learning
  You can make appointments online. Please see the link below for details.
Enrolling in Japanese Courses (applicable to degree - seeking students)

For Undergraduates

At Rikkyo University, first-year undergraduates study two languages: English, and one additional language (excluding the student's native language) chosen from German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, or Japanese. (Please note that Russian is only available to College of Arts students.) In the Japanese course, students can focus their studies on the academic skills needed for university research and study, such as writing reports and making presentations.
Additionally, we also provide a variety of goal-oriented Japanese courses for students who require Japanese study to look for work, write their graduation theses, or other specific goals, such as Japanese courses for job searching, Japanese courses for taking employment exams, or courses for reading essays and other papers in Japanese.

For Graduate Students

International graduate students on a regular degree course at Rikkyo can enroll in Japanese language courses offered by the Center for Japanese Language Education.
Please see the link below for details.

For Exchange Students

Japanese Language Courses are offered for exchange students at nine levels, from beginners (J0) to highly advanced (J8).
Please see the link below for details.
Other Kinds of Support for Learning the Japanese Language
In addition to the Japanese Language Support Desk, the Center for Japanese Language Education provides other kinds of support for people whose native language is not Japanese, such as kanji certification examinations, loan of Japanese study books from the library, provision of online Japanese learning materials, and speech competitions. Please see the link below for details.

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