Learning Assistance Using ICT

Learning Assistance

We introduce the latest computer and multimedia devices to support learning and research.
With computer rooms and laptop computers for rental, we have an environment where you can learn anywhere, at any time. Classrooms are equipped with various AV devices, and there is also plenty of support, such as guidance in operating the devices.
Adding the computers for individual classrooms and the rental laptop computers to those in the computer rooms, approximately 3,000 modern computers have been introduced to the Ikebukuro Campus, and approximately 1,000 to the Niiza Campus, which are being used for lessons and self-study. Additionally, our computer-assisted language learning (CALL) classrooms provide support in the form of a multimedia-enhanced language-learning environment, in addition to the normal functions of a computer room.

These computer rooms and the computers used for research or office work at the University are connected to the Internet by high-speed LAN. Nearly all of the areas within the University have been equipped with a wireless LAN environment since the 2012 academic year, providing an environment where you can connect using rental computers or personal mobile devices wherever you are on campus.
Services for Students
  • Management/operation of the computer classroom system
  • Answering questions about using PCs
  • IT workshops
  • Online information such as vacancy details and computer classroom usage schedules
  • Diverse information services for mobile phones and smartphones (i.e. information about cancelled classes and display of emergency information in case of disasters)
  • E-learning systems, etc.
Services for Faculty
  • Building/maintaining lesson environments for computer classrooms
  • Consultation for usage/building of research PCs and networks, as well as providing help if problems occur
  • Support for using multimedia devices for lessons in regular classroom environments
  • Support for using multimedia devices in academic conferences and workshops
  • Copying of language study materials
  • Media conversion of study materials used in lessons
  • Support for on-demand lessons (assistance with content creation, operation, etc.)
  • Learning tools to support study

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