Study Abroad

Support for Studying Abroad and International Exchange

Key Features

Undergraduate students in all colleges may have the chance to study abroad

Diverse programs are offered to match students’ desired length of stay and goals, such as language skill improvement or specialized study

Numerous scholarships to support students studying abroad

Types of Studies

Outbound Exchange to Overseas Partner Institutions, etc.
This outbound exchange program allows students to study at approximately 140 overseas universities with which Rikkyo University has an international exchange partnership. At these universities, students can take classes to match their language ability and area of specialization, and enjoy campus life together with the students studying there.
Outbound exchange runs for a semester or one year, and typically, students are exempted from academic fees at the host university (there are some partner institutions where this is not the case). A preparation period of roughly one year is required before studying abroad.
Short-Term Language Study Programs
These are two-to-four-week programs for improving one’s language skills that take place during the summer and spring recesses. There is a diverse selection of English-speaking destinations, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. We also provide programs in countries and areas where German, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean is spoken.
At overseas universities, students can take classes appropriate for their language level, and use intensive study to improve their language skills. Depending on the program, students can also take part in a variety of activities or a homestay.
Academic Overseas Programs Sponsored by Undergraduate Colleges, etc.
We provide many programs to deepen one’s study of specialized areas, such as programs to study a particular theme at an overseas university. Depending on the program, you may also be able to take language classes at the same time. These programs mainly take place during the summer and spring recesses, and can last for two weeks up to half a year. Some programs will award credits.
Additionally, the College of Intercultural Communication, the College of Business’s Department of Global Business, and the Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) require all students to participate in overseas study as a rule.
Overseas Internship, Service Learning, etc.
Rikkyo University provides plenty of opportunities to engage in practical study in the overseas fields, such as internships at foreign companies, and overseas service learning (practical study that draws themes from various issues occurring in society, conducted in tandem with study before and after the program). These have various durations, from two weeks to half a year. Some programs will award credits. We also send students to the UN Youth Volunteers program every year.
International Exchange Programs
These programs aim to have students broaden their perspectives by coming into contact with history and culture from all over the world, and taking part in exchange with local people and students at overseas universities.

Scholarships to Support Students Studying Abroad

To promote studying abroad and overseas experiences by students, Rikkyo University is committed to providing scholarships for overseas training courses and study-abroad programs carried out by undergraduate colleges and other divisions, such as scholarship for outbound exchange to partner institutions. In addition to those introduced below, there are also scholarships offered exclusively by different colleges.

Rikkyo University Global Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students in need of financial aid who are taking part in study abroad programs carried out by the University. Students who meet the criteria for the scholarship will be paid an annual sum of 100,000–400,000 JPY (exact value to be decided in selection process).

Rikkyo University International Exchange Scholarship

This scholarship is given to outbound exchange students who will be studying at partner institutions where they are required to pay a large personal share of expenses (e.g. University of Chicago, Cornell University). Students who are candidates for these partner institutions and have been admitted to those institutions can apply to receive 1,000,000 JPY.

Rikkyo University Alumni Association Honors Scholarship for Overseas Study

This scholarship is given to students with outstanding grades who are taking part in study abroad programs carried out by the University. Those awarded the scholarship will receive an annual sum of 100,000 JPY.

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