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As an embodiment of Rikkyo University's founding principles based on the Christian spirit, we value living in harmony with others.
“Living in harmony with others” is the fundamental principle of the Rikkyo University Volunteer Center, and we aim to cultivate an ambition in students to grow as a person and realize a better society, through relationships with others and working to address societal issues.

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History of Volunteer Activities at Rikkyo University
The Volunteer Center was established in 2003. Before the establishment of the Center, Rikkyo already had a long, successful history and tradition of volunteering activities. The origin of the Rikkyo volunteering spirit is exemplified by our founder, Bishop Williams, who provided us with a Christian example of “Living to serve, rather than living to be served” in his own life, which was defined by the words, “Reveal the path but restrain the ego.” Additionally, before the modern meaning of the word “volunteer” been introduced to the Japanese language, Dr. Paul Rusch, who was an Episcopal missionary and professor at our University, carried out his work to develop true volunteering spirit, especially in his work at Kiyosato, which connected its nature, an agricultural village, and young adult education.

The volunteering spirit continues unbroken within our students, and in addition to the vibrant activities being carried out by many student Christian groups, welfare groups, children’s groups, and volunteer groups, there is also a great deal of activities served by coming from alumni groups such as the Ladies Club. The primary school, junior and senior high schools of Rikkyo Gakuin also has a strong volunteer tradition, and has continued to carry out activities in various fields. At the Volunteer Center, we hope to help volunteer activities for the whole Gakuin to continue growing, tying together our history and our activities in the present day.
Activity Details
  1. Individual student support (counseling, volunteer cafe, individual support)
    We offer our support to individual students and promote him or her to understand of volunteer activities. We provide useful information and advice from a rich knowledge, closely matching the needs of society and the needs of students.

  2. Offering several chances of having experiences that meet diverse needs (disaster site support, international volunteering)
    We respond promptly and flexibly to rapidly-shifting societal needs and the movements of a globalizing world, and provide opportunities for various experiences.

  3. Providing distinctive programs and places to learn (camps and lectures)
    We carry out our distinctive programs, where students can travel to sites of activity and learn from their own observations and experiences, allowing for independent learning. Through our lectures, we also provide students the opportunities to learn about the present state of society.

  4. Volunteer clubs support (Volunteer Summit, Volunteer Orientation)
    We connect and support student clubs which are carrying out volunteer activities.

  5. Cooperation with other organizations and offices at Rikkyo University (internal cooperation and collaboration)
    We promote cooperation and collaboration with various other organizations and offices at the University and the Rikkyo Service Learning Center, providing a wide range of support to students.

  6. Regional partnerships
    We deal with the issues that the regions surrounding Rikkyo University are facing (Ikebukuro and Niiza), collaborating with regional partners.

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